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Shop Lush and give fresh, handmade bath and body treats a try.

Avobath Bath Bomb ($6.25): Avo as in avocado! This jolly green
giant of a bath bomb is
loaded with freshly mashed organic avocado and olive oil to moisturize and
leave skin feeling soft. In
addition, a stimulating mix of clean lemongrass, refreshing bergamot and
balancing rosewood essential
oils will lift spirits and leave you feeling revived. We dare you to feel sleepy
after sniffing Avobath!

BUBBLEROONS! These macaroon inspired bubble bars (i.e. solid
form of bubble bath) have a shea
butter and coconut oil base and a coconut oil cream centre. Crumble these
under warm running water for
masses of skin softening bubbles and an incredibly moisturizing soak.

Rose Jam bubbleroon ($5.95): This gorgeous pink bubble bar is
beautifully fragranced
with the finest rose absolute and rose oil, which are also both fantastic on
the skin. There’s a hint of lemon and Egyptian geranium oil to help balance
the skin, whilst the cocoa and shea butters will leave you feeling smooth
and soft.

SOAPS! LUSH soaps are some of our most creative products.
You’ll find more expensive ones; this
doesn’t mean that they’re better. With LUSH you get what you pay for and a
whole lot more too. We fill
our bars with copious quantities of essential oils, fresh fruit and vegetables
all in a piece of affordable
luxury. Plus, they all get dirt off your body!

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap (Sold by weight, $9.45 for ¼ lb):
This bestseller
is known for its comforting honey and sweet caramel fragrance. But,
beneath the beeswax topping
are three key ingredients to aid in healing and cleansing the skin. Honey
and aloe vera calm irritated
skin leaving it deliciously satiated. Bergamot, which naturally improves
moods, gives a citrus undertone
while relieving itching and inflammation. Sensitive, sore and damaged skin
need not worry; honey,
bergamot and aloe will wash the whole family and send you into a state of
honey bliss.

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