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Classic haircuts gone modern! 4 famous hairstyles and their updated looks

These classic haircuts are getting a modern twist.

In the ever-evolving world of personal style, it’s always refreshing to find a classic look that stands the test of time. Many women want a style that’s both timeless and current, and it’s possible to achieve just that, even with haircuts.

Studio 5 Style & Beauty Contributor Megan Moore guides us through the trend of 2023, where classic haircuts are experiencing a renaissance. These timeless styles are getting a facelift and modern twist!

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The Modern Look of Classic Haircuts

The Age of Reimagined Classics

In 2023, the beauty world is buzzing with trendy catchphrases, and haircuts are no exception. Megan explains that the era is all about reimagining classic haircuts with catchy names. It’s a creative way to make old styles feel fresh and exciting. The reinvention of classic haircuts has given them a contemporary edge that’s perfect for anyone looking to update their style.

Knowing When to Update

Change can be daunting when you’ve found a hairstyle you love. So, how do you know when it’s time for a fresh update? Megan suggests that you’ll likely feel when it’s time for a change. Overcoming the fear of change can be easier if you do some research. Before your appointment, make sure you understand your hair type and what style suits you best. You don’t always have to make a major chop; sometimes, a few tweaks can make a significant difference.

Let’s dive into the classic haircuts and their modern reimagining:

1. The Farrah Fawcett: Becomes the Butterfly Cut

The Farrah Fawcett, a quintessential ’70s hairstyle, featured big, feathered layers with plenty of movement and texture. In 2023, it’s reimagined as the Butterfly Cut. This updated version maintains the layers but with a softer and more modern feel. It involves layering from the cheekbones down past the jawline. To pull off this look, you need a decent amount of hair and a willingness to spend time styling, including the use of hot rollers or Velcro rollers for a bouncy blowout. If you have thick hair, this one’s perfect for you.

2. The Rachel: Becomes the Rachel 2.0

The iconic ’90s Rachel haircut remains beloved and has made a comeback as the Rachel 2.0. This updated version is more relaxed and lived-in, with less perfect ends. It’s a great style for various ages, and it works well with wavy hair, as it brings out that lived-in texture.

3. The Pixie: Becomes the Bixie

The classic pixie cut has seen an evolution into the Bixie, a blend of a bob and a pixie. While the back retains its short length, the sides and front have more length, creating a textured and playful look. This cut is ideal for fine hair or those with natural curls.

4. The A-Line: Becomes the Chop Bob

The timeless A-line cut has shifted to the Chop Bob, which keeps the hair’s length more parallel to the ground. This cut delivers a relaxed and textured appearance, giving the hair a cooler, more casual vibe.

Ageless Styles

When it comes to age-appropriate styles, Megan says that age doesn’t matter as long as the cut suits your hair’s texture, length, and density. The key is to find the right look for you and embrace your unique style.

These modern updates to classic haircuts offer a fresh take on timeless styles. Embrace change and don’t be afraid to try one of these reimagined classics.

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