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The Latte Look: How to make this updated 90s trend work for you

The latte look is more modern these days.

In the world of beauty, trends come and go, but some classics never truly fade away. One such trend making a comeback is the “latte look,” featuring warm brown shades for your eyes, cheeks, and even lips.

Studio 5 Style & Beauty Contributor Megan Moore shares details on this reimagined trend and how you can embrace it with confidence.

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How to Pull Off the Latte Look

Out with the Old, In with the Warm Browns

While brown makeup might remind some of the ’90s trend that brought gray-based, ashy brown lipstick into the spotlight, Megan assures us that the new latte look takes a different approach. This time, it’s all about embracing warm, bronzy, caramel browns that add a touch of glow and dimension to your face.

Ditch the Pink and Embrace the Brown

It’s time to get rid of your pink and rosy shades, both in your cheeks and lips. Instead, Megan recommends opting for a soft brown palette that still maintains dimension and luminosity while transitioning to a warmer, more autumnal color palette.

Who Can Rock the Latte Look?

This makeup look suits everyone, regardless of skin tone or age. Its soft, cohesive appearance with blended shades makes it universally flattering. Megan describes it as a look that’s easy to wear and creates a smooth, harmonious energy across your face.

Megan offers some practical advice for incorporating the latte look into your makeup routine:

  1.  Eyes: Eyes are the easiest place to start. Most people already have brown eyeshadow or can even use their bronzer as eyeshadow. Begin with your lightest color and gradually layer darker shades until you achieve the desired depth. Megan recommends the Pop Beauty Basic Palette, an affordable option with a variety of warm brown tones. It’s an excellent choice for those new to the trend.
  2. Cheeks: When using bronzer, avoid matte products. Instead, opt for bronzer with a touch of glow so your face doesn’t look too washed out. Megan loves the RMS Beauty Radiance Serum, ideal for all skin types and ages.
  3. Lips: Finding the perfect brown lipstick can be intimidating, but Megan suggests looking for warm brown shades that aren’t overly orange or ashy. The Profusion Jurassic Park Collection offers two pretty and versatile options. Sheer brown lip products, like those from Profusion, provide warmth without overwhelming your lips. They allow your natural lip color to shine through, creating a balanced look.

Say goodbye to the pinks and reds and welcome the cozy warmth of browns into your beauty routine. Remember, it’s all about adding that touch of glow and dimension to your look. Enjoy experimenting with this timeless trend!

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