Closed Caption Phone Equipment

Relay Utah’s TRS Specialist Mary Beth Green shares information about a new program designed to help the hard of hearing talk on their home phone.

Relay Utah has a program where it provides phones, at no cost, to the hard of hearing. This is an equipment program where Relay Utah will place amplified, captioning or other hearing assistive phone with seniors who are hard of hearing.

Amplified phones allow individuals to adjust the volume and tone, and it eliminates background noises to provide maximum reception and clarity. It also comes with a hearing aid compatible handset.

Cordless amplified phones meet the needs of the hard of hearing who also experience mobility limitations such as using a wheelchair, walker or oxygen unit.

“Captel” is a captioning phone that includes both an amplified headset and a text display in the phone that lets the user read a captioned version of the conversation. The combination of these two features makes it easier for hard of hearing individuals to understand numbers, names, and other words that are difficult to hear and understand.

Individuals who qualify for Public Assistance or are receiving social security or Medicare benefits are eligible for Relay equipment at no charge. To apply, go to the website for an application. Others looking to purchase Relay equipment can contact the Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Taylorsville.

For more information visit
or call 530-6638 or toll free at 1-866-772-8824.

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