coffee filters - flower basket

Turn coffee filters into a flower treat basket! Here’s the step-by-step tutorial…

Coffee filters are a craft stash essential.

Take them from the kitchen to the craft room. With a stack of coffee filters, you can create fun containers for all your Easter treats.

Creative Editor Jill Broadbent shares crafts elegant enough for a party favor, and easy enough for a classroom craft.


Coffee Filter Flower Baskets


  • Coffee filters
  • Food coloring
  • Formed cupcake liners or snack containers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire/ribbon


  1. The longest part of the project is waiting for your filters to dry. You can set them out overnight or for faster drying separate them from the stack.
  2. Choose your variations of colors. A pretty flower has an ombre effect as it goes from layer to layer, so it is fun to mimic that in the dyed filters.
  3. To create the petals, you can leave the filters as they are or you can cut petal shapes by folding the filters into a triangle and rounding the edges. Another fun technique is to fringe cut the edges of the filters.
  4. Glue one filter inside the cup. Glue the additional filters to the outside and fan down with the fullness of your liking. You need at least five filters per flower. More will make it fuller.
  5. Adhere a ribbon or wire handle to create a basket.

To create the carrot, simply dye the entire filter and wrap to form a cone. Cut off the top to make it level. Fill with treats and glue in a green filter topper. Pinch the top of the cone around the topper and finish with a ribbon.

All of these ideas would be perfect to share in a classroom or as a party favor this Easter.

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