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balloon arch

Throw out the tape and glue dots from your balloon arch kit! 4 hacks to DIY a better one

Make a statement balloon arch with your own supplies!

Hair scrunchies have made a strong comeback helping us with our hair-game, but it turns out “scrunchie” is also a term for a clever balloon arch hack! If you’ve got a spring fling of any kind planned, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to know to make a balloon display pop!

Studio 5 Creative Contributor Michelle Crowley shared her tried and true tips for making stunning balloon displays.


HACK #1 – Tie your balloons into bundles of twos and fours

Tying balloons together in bundles of twos and then twisting into groups of fours will save you much time and will make building your structure easier.

HACK #2- Build balloon swags or balloon arches on a long thin cord

Ditch those little plastic strips that come in the kit for hooking the balloons to a cord. Michelle prefers to use a long thin rope or a strand of curling ribbon to build balloon displays.

HACK #3 – Add balloon “scrunchies” to create dimension with different sized clusters

Michelle credits @shellygoldberg for this idea.

Blow up and create bundles of four balloons with less air or use small 5” balloons – about the size of a grapefruit. Using long skinny balloons, tie a mini balloon bundle of four to each end of the skinny balloons.

Create clusters by wrapping the bundled skinny balloons through main swag. Because of the elasticity of the skinny balloon, you can manipulate the balloon clusters where and how you want them.

HACK #4 – Add in a few EXTRA Large balloons for some WOW!

Michelle loves the look of just a few 16″ or even up to 32″ balloons scattered through the display.

Michelle is sharing all of this and three additional hacks on her blog,

Michelle is the newest addition to the Studio 5 team, joining in Season 18 as our Creative Contributor. Friends describe Michelle as a gatherer. Entertaining, nesting at home, and jumping in painters overalls have become Michelle’s happy place. Michelle is a degreed interior designer.  She gets her energy from other people. And did you know — her bedroom is yellow! Find Michelle on Instagram @michellesdesignlife or via the Studio 5 email,

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