Color Me Organized

Color Me Organized

Move over boring! If you’ve always thought that organizing was a serious,
cookie-cutter affair, get ready for a shake-up. Pops of color can not only add
some flair to your organized spaces but can also help even the most
organizationally challenged maintain order. Here are some favorite ways to
use color to get—and stay—organized.

Professional Organizer Kelly Pratt talks about getting Organized with color.

The Where, How and Why of Organizing with Color

Where: Toys

How: Put each child’s toys in separate containers in his or her own
color, or use colored labels to distinguish which toys belong to whom.

Why: Dividing toys by color will help your children find their toys
more easily, know where to put them away and maintain their turf.

Where: Student notebooks and folders

How: Color code each class with its own color to coordinate folders
and notebooks.

Why: Color coding provides instant recognition for students in a
hurry to get to class and keeps subjects separated and notes easier to

Where: Family paper

How: Create a file folder or pocket for each family member in his
or her own color.

Why: Using a color system for family paper will make finding
everyone’s bits and pieces much easier. Adding color to a filing system
makes recognition quicker and easier.

Where: Family calendar

How: Use a separate color for each family member to mark

Why: Marking commitments in different colors helps create a better
view of who is doing what when and will not only help you get the right
people to the right places at the right time but may also help you determine
who might be getting overscheduled.

Where: Family memorabilia storage

How: Use a single color container or label for each member of the

Why: Finding the memorabilia storage containers for family
members will be a snap. As an added bonus, as your children move away,
you won’t have to hunt for their stuff in multiple containers!

Where: Holiday decoration storage

How: Use colored bins or labels to divide decorations for individual

Why: This tried-and-true storage method gives instant recognition
for what a container holds (think red and green containers for Christmas),
and helps you keep holiday items together.

Where: Storage areas

How: Place like items in similarly colored containers (e.g.
gardening items in green, automotive items in red, party supplies in pink,
etc.) or mark containers with colored labels.

Why: Using this color coding system will not only help you find
what you’re looking for quickly, but it will also help you maintain good
zoning in your storage areas. If the area gets a little out of whack, all you’ll
have to do is place the same color of containers together and order is

Where: Filing systems
How: Color coding filing systems can help you maintain your paper system
more easily.

Why: Freedom Filer is the greatest EVER home filing system,
particularly for people who are often unsure about record retention
guidelines. Freedom Filer has several colored sections that, depending on the
color, will let you know how long to keep a piece of paper. For example,
documents in the green section are kept for one year, documents in the red
section, you never throw away.

A Caution

Remember that going overboard with color can create more of a Technicolor
explosion effect than a clear, organized space. Too much color can make an
area visually confusing, so make sure to color code in areas where you can
create large blocks of color. A little can go a long way!

Happy organizing!

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