How To Become A Natural Public Speaker

How To Become A Natural Public Speaker

Public speaking can be scary. Whether you’re speaking in the board room or
at a PTA meeting, it’s natural to be nervous, even afraid. Life Coach, Tiffany
Peterson, shares strategies to take the fear away and help you become a
natural public speaker.

Public speaking is an important communication skill that can have great
influence for your success. Public speaking can also be incredibly
intimidating and scary for many people. When surveyed, it is the #1 fear on
the list!

Here are a few tips to help you experience more ease and comfort and
overcome the fear of public speaking…

1. Show up to Serve. You have an important message to share – whether
with a small team, a boardroom, a church meeting, or an important cause.
When the nerves and fears are high with public speaking, we are usually
focused on ourselves – how do we look, what will others think, or what if I
forget what I’m supposed to say. These are normal fears. When we shift the
focus off of ourselves and focus on that we are speaking to serve our
audience and help them with the information we are sharing, this calms our
nerves, centers us, and helps us to become present in the moment versus
living in our head. One thing that I do is I say a prayer before each speech
where I invite Divine influence to guide me to share what this audience
needs. I ask to be in tune with what they need to hear. In doing this, I feel
centered, calm, and on purpose.

2. Be Conversational. Treat your speech as if you’re having a conversation
with a close friend versus giving a formal lecture. Rather than feeling stiff
and uncomfortable, see the speech as a conversation that you’re engaging in.
This will help you sound and feel natural with your audience. In turn, your
audience will pay more attention and be more engaged in what you are

3. Decide Your Main Point. What is the most important objective for your
audience to receive from your speech? By being clear and concise of what the
main point is, it is easy to navigate your speech clearly versus falling prey to
rambling, fear, or confusion of where you’re going. Another helpful tip is
what is called “point-story-point.” You use the main point as your guidepost
or roadmap that as you choose stories or examples that illustrate your main
point, it becomes your clear and consistent guide to return to throughout
your speech.

Public speaking is an important skill to help support your message, your
business, and your influence to what matters most to you. By applying these
simple and proven tips, you too can experience a greater sense of calm,
confidence, and success in your speaking opportunities.

All my best!

Tiffany Peterson

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