Comcast launches new Internet Safety Service

Comcast launches new Internet Safety Service

Comcast has recently launched a new Internet safety service called Constant Guard that can help its Xfinity Internet customers secure their personal and financial information at no additional charge.

Ray Child from Comcast talks about the new service called Constant Guard.

The Internet can be a powerful tool for adults and children alike. From researching a homework assignment to researching the best rate on a home loan, the World Wide Web puts information at our fingertips. But sometimes, the Internet can be a dangerous place. From identity theft to fraud, the crimes that take place online run the gamut.

A new desktop application, the Constant Guard Protection Suite is a $360 value and helps customers secure their online personal and financial information from cyber criminals better than ever before. The application serves as a simple and convenient way to access all of Comcast’s online security resources including the top-rated NortonTM Security Suite, a Secure Backup & Share service as well as the new IDENTITY GUARD® identity theft protection service. Once downloaded and installed on a home PC, the suite helps protect against malicious software designed to steal passwords and online account information, secure passwords, provide one-click secure login to banks and other online accounts, protect credit cards when used online and conceal keystrokes of what you type online. To download onto a PC, simply go to

This will certainly be of comfort to the 80% of adults who are concerned about their personal information being stolen by a cyber criminal, according to a survey conducted by the research firm Penn Schoen Berland commissioned by Comcast. And they may have reason to be concerned: according to a 2010 Javelin Strategy and Research report, identity theft and fraud affected more than 8 million Americans at a cost of $37 billion dollars.

June is Internet Safety Month. And while the threat of criminal activity in cyber space is very real, it’s clear from the recent survey conducted by Penn Schoen Berland that there is still an opportunity to further educate both parents and teens about the potential dangers of the Web. Two-thirds of parents and teens surveyed believe they are in full control of what they post online – and can take it down whenever they want. However, nearly three in ten teens post something online that they later regret. And while 65% of parents say online security and safety is most important to them, only 46% of teens report feeling the same way.

If teens are using your computer regularly, you may also be more at risk of being cyberhacked. According to the survey, teens are much more likely to use the same password for every online account than their parents. Moreover, half of teens never change their password. And, teens are much more willing than their parents to sign onto a wireless network without entering a password. Talking to your teen computer users about the importance of online safety can be key to helping protect you against online fraud.

While Comcast is committed to providing the latest Internet protection products and services, we’re also dedicated to providing customers with a superior customer experience. The Comcast Customer guarantee is our promise of excellent service for our customers:

· We stand behind our services. We will give you a 30-day, money-back guarantee, on Xfinity TV, voice or high speed services.

· We value your time, and will schedule appointments at your convenience. We will always be on time within your appointment window – guaranteed.

· Customer service is available to you 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.

· We will offer the best and most video choices.

· And if we need to come to your home to provide service, we will solve routine issues in one visit – guaranteed.

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