Mission Health Services “Rafting the Colorado, at any age”

Mission Health Services

“Rafting the Colorado, at any age”

Providing residents with the best quality of life possible is the goal of non-profit nursing home operator Mission Health Services, which is why each year the organization takes 30 residents on a rafting trip down the Colorado River. The river trip is part of Mission Health Services commitment to creating a dynamic, healthy environment for residents of its five care communities that enable them to continue to lead full, rich lives.

The annual river trip provides residents – including the very elderly, wheelchair bound and those with other disabilities – an opportunity to experience the outdoors in a way often thought to be reserved for younger people. Creating opportunities such as the Colorado River trip is part of Mission Health Services commitment to the Eden Alternative, a concept that aims to create an institutional environment where nursing home residents can enjoy new experiences in a warm, caring community.

The trip is operated with Splore (Special Populations Learning Outdoor Recreation), a Salt Lake City-based non-profit that promotes outdoor experiences through inclusive and accessible programs for people with disabilities, handicaps and more.

Approximately 30 Mission Health Services nursing home residents from five care communities will travel to Moab and embark on 25-mile float trips down the Colorado River June 9-10. For many, the trip will be the resident’s first rafting experience and a chance to enjoy a completely different type of activity.

Some of the benefits of the trip include:

• Demonstrates to residents that just because they’re in a nursing home, they’re not precluded from enjoying all types of activities and recreation

• Offers residents with disabilities or mobility restrictions an opportunity to participate in outdoor adventure

• Promotes Mission Health Services’ mission to create and foster meaningful relationships and experiences

• Expand residents’ environment by providing an out-of-town event with new experiences

• Create a safe and professional environment for residents to enjoy new and challenging activities

• Adds to Mission Health Services offerings of activities that include everything from gardening to gourmet cooking

• Improve quality of life for residents by offering unique, accessible experiences for them to grow and flourish

For more information about Mission Health Services nursing homes and its five locations in Utah go to www.missionhealthservices.org

or call toll free 855-At-Mission.

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