Comcast Offers Summer Fun

Summer is here, and that means school is out and the temperature is heating up. Comcast is here to cool you down with great movies, special features and more on Xfinity On Demand this month.

Ray Child, with Comcast, outlines some of the fun features and options with Comcast.

Comcast digital video customers can enjoy the “School’s Out” collection now available On Demand, which features school-day comedies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Fun Size, Mean Girls and more. Or catch our “Beach” movie collection beginning June 25 featuring Chasing Mavericks, Summer Catch and more.

Families can also continue the Father’s Day celebration with our “Great Movie Dads” movie collection featuring movies such as Night at the Museum, Mrs. Doubtfire, Meet the Parents and much more.

With, Comcast digital video customers can also access up to 200,000 options right from their computers, either at home, across town, or across the country. All it takes is a High Speed Internet connection. And if you’re on-the-go, the Xfinity TV Player app allows customers to download and watch their favorite On Demand selections right on their mobile devices.

June is also national Internet Safety Month. While the Internet can be a powerful and effective tool for children, summertime is a perfect time to remember that with any technology comes risk. These risks can range from low to high, and vary between online bullying, child exploitation and predation. Comcast is committed to providing a safe and secure Internet experience and have devised a number of tips and tools to help protect children and families while online. You can find these Comcast resources in several places.

Take a moment this month and access Xfinity On Demand’s “Internet Safety Month” collection. Common Sense Media presents parenting videos that provide awareness of potential internet threats and much more.

Comcast also offers Norton Security Suite to customers help filter out inappropriate content and also monitor Internet activity to help prevent identity theft. These controls can log where children surf, monitor chat sessions and provide age-based web access in addition to filtering offensive content.

And, anyone can access the free Internet Learning Tools through Comcast’s Internet Essentials program online at Watch helpful videos and tutorials related to phishing, span, spyware, cyberbullying, data back up and more. You can also learn about searching for a job online, social media and even healthcare and financial resources.

This month’s offerings are one reason why Comcast customers choose Xfinity On Demand programming more than 350 million times every month. With a continuously expanding library, Xfinity On Demand currently offers more than 20,000 entertainment program options with more than 3,000 choices in HD every month.

For more information customers can call 1-800-Comcast, or go to

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