Comcast: Watching HDTV on your HDTV

Dan Williams is with Comcast and has the solution for people who want to actually view HDTV with their new sets.

Consumers in Utah and across the country are benefiting from advancements in communication technology more than ever before. Prices for HDTVs are lower than ever and sales are increasing. Many consumers are looking for their second or third HDTV set. At the same time, consumer demand for faster internet speeds is growing, and people want feature-rich phone service that lets them call whoever they want to whenever they want to.

While more people own HDTVs, they’re not always getting the most from the HDTV experience

• Two recent independent research studies concluded that more than one third of Americans who own a High-Definition Television are not currently watching HDTV programming.

• The same studies note that HDTV ownership has increased nearly 50 percent in U.S. Households over the past year.

• If you are shopping for an HDTV this holiday season remember that HDTVs aren’t HD unless you get HD service. Comcast is your best choice for HD service. With more than 1,000 HD choices, including sporting events, HD movies and TV shows, Comcast delivers more of the best HD content than anyone else.

With the increase in choices of Internet content and options, faster access speeds are more important than ever before

• Whether you use the Internet for online shopping, watching TV programs or playing online games, you need fast internet connections to get the most out of the experience.

• Comcast offers internet download speeds of up 16 Mbps to help you get the most out of your internet experience.

Consumers want hassle free phone service with great calling features

• Simplicity is important. Real value in phone service means getting all of the most popular calling features including caller ID and voice mail – plus local and national long distance in one package for one price. Comcast offers Digital Voice phone service options in phone service that meet customer needs.

Convenience and value are vital

• For the first time, Comcast is offering new Triple Play packages that offer the best deals for video – including HD service, High-Speed Internet service and phone service with choices that meet virtually every consumer need.

• Whether you are just getting into the HD experience, or you’re taking it to the next level, Comcast has options to fit. Some Triple Play packages include ultra fast 16 Mbps download speeds.

• Giving someone the gift of great HD programming and lightning fast internet speeds along with excellent phone service is easier than ever before with the Comcast Gift Card. Gift cards can be purchased in increments from $5 to 500 at and there is no expiration date.

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