My Memories Suite: The Perfect Scrapbook Solution

Create digital albums in minutes using one of many Designer Templates, or design your own pages from scratch. Share your albums as beautiful hardbound books, watch them on a DVD, or view them on the computer as an interactive CD. You can even share them on an iPod or turn your pages into printed greeting cards that can be mailed directly to family and friends.

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The robust features of the software provide the graphic tools to make beautiful digital photobooks, up to hundreds of pages in length, while at the same time keeping all your memories—your pictures, videos, and music—preserved in one place.

My Memories Suite:

Digital scrapbooking software for everyone.

Are your photos stuffed in a box somewhere in a closet or attic? Are they hidden deep in some folders on your computer? Now you can make every memory you capture – photos and video, journaling and audio recording – easily accessible and just as easy to share in one master photo album.

My Memories Suite is the easy-to-use photo album software that allows you to create your story once, and then choose from a variety of print and multimedia options to share those memories with family and friends.

My Memories Suite by Polaroid is the photo album software that helps you:

• Drag and drop your photos directly into pages

• Create entire photo albums in only minutes

• Add video, narration, and music

• Have fun without all the mess or cleanup

Expand the possibilities of digital scrapbooking software by sharing your albums as:

• Hard or soft bound book

• DVD or CD

• iPod video

• Greeting cards

10 reasons why My Memories Suite would be the perfect scrapbook solution for you.

1. Easy. No training and no experience necessary.

2. Fast. Pre-designed templates that let you “FastFill” an album in seconds.

3. Options. Print a page, publish a book, burn an interactive CD or DVD, send to a personal multimedia device, create a greeting card.

4. Multimedia. Add video, music, narration, weblinks and hyperlinks.

5. Variety of Content. Choose from professionally designed templates or create your own with hundreds of backgrounds and embellishments.

6. Time-saver. Build one “master album” with photos and all multimedia, then decide what output to choose.

7. Cross-platform. Mac or PC.

8. Cost Effective. Less expensive than traditional scrapbooking.

9. Multiple Copies. Print or burn multiple copies to share.

10. No Mess! Compare to the sticky mess of traditional scrapbooking—all you do is “save” and turn off your computer.

My Memories Suite Computer System Requirements

Prior to installing My Memories Suite, ensure that your computer meets the following technical specifications:


• Windows XP or Vista

• Pentium 4, 1 GHz or better (1.6 GHz recommended) or comparable AMD processor

• 512 MB RAM available (1 GB or more recommended, 1 GB required for Windows Vista users)

• 16 MB Video RAM (64 MB recommended)

• Available Hard Disk Space: Install disc requires 700 MB, each extra disc is 700 MB


• OS X 10.4.x or greater (with latest Java update)

• G4 500 MHz or Faster (G5 1 GHz or better recommended)

• 512 MB RAM (1 GB or more recommended)

• 8 MB Video RAM (64 MB recommended)

• Available Hard Disk Space: Install disc requires 700 MB, each extra disc is 700 MB

Other Requirements

• QuickTime™ Player version 7.1.0 or higher is required. (Available on the My Memories Suite disc 1 or at
System Settings

• Monitor Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher (1152 x 864 or higher recommended)
Recommended Additional Equipment

• CD or DVD Burner (Required for interactive album and DVD-Video output options)

• Printer

• Speakers

• Digital Camera

• Microphone

• Digital Camcorder

• Scanner

For more information, go to and remember you can get a FREE 6×6 26-page photobook with each box of software.

And be sure to enter the My Memories Suite Giveaway by going to and clicking the “Contest” button.

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