Cozy Wraps

Studio 5’s Executive Producer, Michelle Kettle Torsak shares a few easy ideas for making them yourself.

Flowers & Fleece

Anti-pill fleece makes great scarves and is available in a wide range of colors and weights from JoAnn’s. Thinner fleece makes great “accessory” scarves – the kind you’d wear with a T-shirt and jeans versus a thicker fleece which makes a great “outdoors” scarf.


• Anti-pill fleece

• Rotary cutter

• Ruler

• Tailor’s chalk

• Needle and thread


1. Fabric comes in 58 inch widths, which makes the perfect length for an “indoor” scarf. Measure and cut 9 inches for the width of your scarf from the length of the fabric. Because you don’t have to sew the edges, a clean, strait cut is important and can be achieved by using a rotary cutter.

2. The flowers are what make this scarf pop and that is where the creativity begins. Using a 10-11 inch plate as a template, trace a circle on contrasting fleece with tailor’s chalk.

3. From the outside edge, draw a 2-inch-wide spiral into the center of the circle.

4. To start the flower, fold the circular center of the spiral up and over. Use hand stitches to secure the center and the base of the flower.

5. Adding running stitches along the spiral will allow you to gather your fabric, creating the curve of the flower.

6. Secure your flower to the scarf with several hand stitches.

7. Add designer buttons as flower centers.

T-Shirt Scarf

This is a great way to recycle and reuse the T-shirts that you just can’t quite throw away. T-shirts with a screen print or design make the most interesting scarves.


• 8-10 old T-shirts

• Anti-pill fleece for backing

• Rotary cutter

• Ruler

• Tailor’s chalk

• Sewing machine


1. Select 8-10 T-shirts (depending on desired length) in coordinating colors.

2. Measure and cut 11″ blocks from the center of each T-shirt.

3. Determine which order to place T-shirt pieces, and begin sewing wrong sides of each block to the next, creating a ½” seam between blocks.

4. When finished sewing T-shirt blocks, iron seams flat.

5. Match T-shirt block to same length of anti-pill fleece; pin and sew wrong sides together, leaving the bottom open.

6. Turn the scarf inside out and whipstitch the bottom closed.

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