2010 Beauty Trends

Master Esthetician Kari Romney shares four trends that will change the way we think about beauty.

2010 Global Beauty Trend Predictions:

According to Mintel, a marketing research company, reports indicate that the beauty industry continues to seek out creative ways to merge science, nature and sustainability for better results and more eco-friendly formulas and packaging.

1. Mood Beauty: going beyond aromatherapy and scents to enhance mood. Call it ‘Neurocosmetics’, as now they are developing beauty products that offer soothing or uplifting psychological benefits through use of texture, temperature, sound, and ingredients that work with the body’s neurotransmitters. These neurocosmetic ingredients can be found in your facial creams, like a night cream that helps you sleep better. Other neurocosmetics will have ingredients to help increase serotonin and dopamine to help create a feeling of well-being and stress reduction.

2. Nu Natural: In 2009 everyone was searching for organic. With a new vision the focus has changed from being less focused on certification (pure organic), and more focused on results. 2010 organic beauty products will still evolve towards organic ingredients, but adding more result driven ingredients such as synthetic actives like peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides.

3. Pro-Tech’t: We have all been taught on the importance of protecting and preserving our skin from the environment and UV rays. This has just taken a step up. You will start to see terms like ‘firewall’ on brands that have searched extreme climates such as the Arctic, Sahara Deserts, and Himalayas. Adding such substances to our cosmetic and makeup lines will offer an increasingly powerful shield for the skin.

4. Turbo Beauty 4G: Known as “masstige”, these products are high concentrated skincare lines that are available in drugstores or pharmacies. The term comes from “mass” meaning mass market, and “tige” meaning prestige. Turbo Beauty 4G capitalizes on advances in biochemistry for high-tech beauty products. Expect more medical results that offer alternatives to cosmetic surgery and non-invasive procedures.

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