Crafts on a Budget

Studio 5 Contributor Liberti van Gass gives us some simple ideas to help indulge our creative edge with an inexpensive trip to the Dollar Store!

Cake Stand: This couldn’t be quicker or easier and the result is fabulous! One Candle Stick Holder and One Ceramic or Glass Plate – glue them together with some epoxy and you’ve got a gorgeous cake stand! This is a perfect decorative piece for your home, or fill it with cookies and use it as a gift!

Flower Headband: The Dollar store is chalk full of silk flowers – choose a couple coordinating colors and pick up a pack of elastic headbands and you’ve got the makings for some fun accessories! Dismantle the flowers and re-assemble them to your liking bringing in different colors, hand stitch them to the elastic headband and top it off with an embellishment! This is a great project to keep your daughters busy and they’ll love matching all their back-to-school outfits!

Onesie: This project is the most time consuming of the bunch, but totally worth it! Pick up two onesies of coordinating colors ( or one onesie and use a recycled t-shirt for the cut up). Cut one of the Onesies into a bunch of hearts – just freehand it, it makes character! Lay out your hearts how you please on the Onesie and hand sew them one by one – top it off with some Fabric Tac for extra strength! Darling!

T-shirt Jewelry: With a couple of bucks you can make some darling jewelry to dress up your favorite comfy outfit! You’ll only need one big T-shirt and some beads if you choose. I liked the size of necklace a 5X shirt gave me – but you can use any T-shirt size. Simply cut the Shirt into strips about ½-3/4 of an inch wide, the seams will automatically come undone – which is what you want. Gather the amount of strips you like depending on the bulkiness you desire in your jewelry. Add your beads or other embellishments and close the necklace/bracelet by wrapping one of your strips around the two ends.

Balloon Bean Bags: This is a great craft for the kids, when they are done assembling they’ll have fun enjoying their new Bean Bag Balls. Pick up one package of balloons and some rice or beans – each bean bag requires three balloons. Blow up one Balloon to stretch it out, let the air out and use a funnel to fill with your rice/beans. Cut the lip off the filled balloon and fold over the neck – take two other balloons and cut the necks off, pull one over the filled balloon then pull the third over for extra reinforcement. Now they are ready for play!

The Dollar Store is the perfect place to find ideas and supplies for fun crafts. Keep in mind that the “Dollar Store” isn’t the only place that carries items for a buck! Watch for sales, check Target’s Dollar section also, Wal-Mart carries many items for $.97 that are a Dollar at the Dollar Store. Keep in mind when doing your crafts that sometimes (like with the onesie) if you are going to a lot of work and want it to be nice, it’s worth paying a little more to get a better quality item that will last longer!

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