Photostyling Your Crafts

Here are five creative, hip ways to display your item, show how it works, and just make it look great in a photo. From Photographer Lacey Jane Pappas:

Get it in Focus

Getting the object in focus is probably one of the most important tips. A user wants to fully be able to see the object easily. If you’re not too confidant in your photo taking skills, set your camera on Auto, so it’s able to set the object in focus. If you have a knack for taking photos, make sure your aperture is set to at least 5.6, so the entire image is in focus. Either way, take a handful of photos with different settings, and then download them to the computer to see which setting has the image in focus. Then, continue to take more pictures of the object in that preferred setting.

Look around the house

We all love to decorate our house with fun accessories and pieces, and the same goes for photo-styling- style a photo with some of those pieces. Look around your house for possible props. This is a great way to add interest to a picture. Try books, candy dishes, placemats, scrapbooking paper and vintage finds- all especially great for shooting jewelry. Take these props and start adding them to the frame of your picture to see which prop looks best with the object.

Go for Color Contrasts

To highlight an object to really make it pop, try backing the object with a contrasting color. Color is an important concept when photo-styling, as you want to choose colors that will not drown out the object you’re taking a picture of. You want to make sure the object is easily viewable. So, try a contrasting color to really make the object pop.

Tantalize with Texture

Texture in an image helps give the photo and object interest. By adding texture, it will also help see the object in a different way. Find fabrics, yarn, spools of thread, or a rug with great texture, to help highlight your object, and it too will become visually appealing.

Borrow from Nature

Utilizing nature, i.e., branches, grass, fruit, which all has natural textures, is a great way to show off crafts. What you can do is go outside in early morning or late evening (so the lighting isn’t too harsh), and use nature as your props. Place your object creatively on a branch for example, and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Show it in Use

Sometimes the best way to showcase your craft is to show the object in use. Find a friend, your daughter, or someone who’s willing to be your model. Place them by an open window (with filtered light) and show them wearing the earrings you made by taking a picture of them on. This is especially useful for head bands or hair pieces.

Develop Your “Look”

If you’re starting to put your product out there for others to view and purchase, create a brand for yourself. By taking pictures of your photos in the same spot, this will create consistency, and possible purchasers will recognize what your “brand” is.

Either way, plan on having a little photoshoot, by using the above tips. The more you take pictures of your crafts, the more you’ll see what works best. Remember to have fun and get creative! See more examples here:

Lacey Jane Pappas is a photographer and pianist. To learn more about Lacey’s photography, visit or visit her blog at

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