Creating Anything with Balloonology

Jeremy Telford shows how to create many elements of a balloonscape.

For those wanting to get started, there are some places that specialize is supplies for balloonology.

I get most of my supplies through and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest them to anybody. In Salt Lake the best place to buy balloons is a place called ‘House of Chuckles’ which is on 247 E. Broadway (3rd S.) Salt Lake City. They have a good selection and good prices. Elsewhere in Utah you can get supplies at Partyland or Zurchers stores.

Only one or two brands are very good for making balloon animals. I use Qualatex which you can purchase at any of the places above. Betallatex is another good brand and you can purchase them through Tmyers as well.

I would also get a balloon pump. The best, most durable, kinds have ridges on the base of the pump. The kind I use is gray and blue and is sold through in their hand pump section as 260 Blaster pump for $5.50. For smaller hands Qualetex has a good pump that is pink and purple that can be purchased at any of the locations I mentioned earlier.

When starting out I would suggest getting a couple of bags of assorted 260 size colors (avoid the ‘traditional’ bag and go for ‘carnival’ or ‘entertainer’ assortments if you can find them) an assorted bag of 160 size, and the carnival assortment of 6″ hearts.

Jeremy is the co-owner and primary entertainer of Balloon Guy Entertainment. He has been entertaining for decades performing at such events as the 2002 Winter Olympics and traveling the world plying his passion for twisting balloons.

Jeremy has personally created over three hundred small designs out of balloons as well as designing and building hundreds of larger sculptures and other types of balloon decor.

Jeremy most recently won an award at the 2009 Diamond Jam, in Las Vegas, for his balloon twisting and entertaining abilities.

Jeremy is also the author of Balloonology, a how-to book that aims to teach a person how to create their own balloon designs while teaching them 32 unique designs in the process.

Balloonology is available now at fine booksellers such as Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon as well as through his publisher Gibbs Smith.

For more information about Jeremy or his book feel free to contact him through his company website:

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