Creating Healthy Living

Creating Healthy Living

Imagine losing half your body weight. That’s exactly what one Utah woman was able to accomplish and she is now helping others to take control of their lives by coaching them through the process of transformation and learning to love themselves.

Becky Sampson shares her ideas and explains how you can learn what she has learned.

After living most of her life morbidly obese, Becky Sampson has gone through a MASSIVE transformation in her life by releasing 130 lbs. Not only did she release the weight, but she began a journey of self discovery and learning how to love and accept herself for the first time in her life. She now teaches and works with people all over the country in helping them in Living and Maintaining a Healthy life by teaching them skills and tools that create lasting results. She finds great Joy in seeing the success of others and looks forward to helping as many people as possible in supporting a Healthy Lifestyle.

For more information, you can read Becky’s blog at or take advantage of the free “opt in” by going to

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