Lemonade Party Decor

Lemonade Party Decor

Take your Gourmet Lemonade get-together up a notch, by creating adorable paper-crafted decorations.

Studio 5 Contributor Sue Neal shares simple and inexpensive ideas for a lemonade party.

Summer is a great time to get together with friends, neighbors and family, but is often daunting because we think we have to cook. Who needs food? When it’s hot, our appetite is low anyways and what we really want is something cold and refreshing!

I love parties where food or drink become the centerpiece … interaction, conversation and experimentation makes for a fun evening. As a lemonade mixologist you’ll be the life of the party! Guests will gather ’round, read through your drink options and start sampling your gourmet concoctions.

Prepare your recipe ingredients ahead of time (you can even freeze them) and you’ll have a stress-free evening. Follow the recipes I provided in the Gourmet Lemonade segment or come up with your own ‘twists’.

The invitation:

What would excite you more … a text, or facebook message, inviting you to a party or getting a handcrafted invitation in the mail?

I’ve created free printable invitations for you which you can download here. Be sure to visit the PDF tab at the top of the page for open & print files.

Two options for the invition; just print, cut and fold. Or, if you have a little more time and want something more detailed, you can print, layer and mount on a black cardstock card base.

The Favor:

A nice parting gift for your gifts…a little mason jar filled with Lemon Simple Syrup. Just print and trim the label and attach it to some ribbon. The label has the ratios of syrup to water.

Lemon Simple Syrup Bottle:

Print out label and wrap around any cool looking bottle (This one was a french lemonade. I washed it out and use it for Simple Syrup and water and keep it in the fridge).

This will really help the party move along and keep you from having to explain all the lemonade choices.

A blackboard works great for this. I found a collage frame I wasn’t using that would work great as well.

In the end I turned a crate on it’s side and attached the printable menu board and tied it on with ribbon.

Options: If you don’t want to print invitations, you can simply toss a fresh lemon in a pretty celophane bag, tie it with a ribbon, attach a little invitation tag and drop it by your guests doors.

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