Creative Christmas Wrap

You may have your Christmas shopping finished, but chances are you haven’t
wrapped those gifts up yet! When it comes to gifts, sometime what’s on the
outside is almost more important than the gift itself!

Studio 5 Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares new and creative ways to make
gifts stand out from the rest?

There are many unique items that can be used as wrapping -which can make
the presentation just as exciting as the gift itself!

Use wrap that personalizes and has meaning:

Use a road map where you live and star/circle your street or town.
A phone book page with the recipients name circled.
Favorite holiday recipes or family heirloom recipes scanned and printed to
use as wrap.
Photographs (print on copy paper or scan to make a collage and tape pages
Scan a favorite item and print (candy, a sweater, blanket, book, etc.) for wrap.
Have everyone sign the wrapped package for a group gift.
Cover the wrap with the recipients monogram stamped or cut from

Think out of the box:

Yarn Ball – wrap small gifts in ball as you wind it.
Tinsel garland – wrap like a yarn ball or around a package to cover it.
Greenery rope – same as tinsel garland.
Santa hat – fill with gift and sew/pin shut and pin top over.
Spray a box or container with Glitter Blast glitter spray. Great way to recycle.

Wrap half and half – with two types of wrap with a ribbon over seams.

Make the wrap part of the gift:

Paper money taped together to make a sheet of wrap.
Tickets or other paper items taped together – works well for a small box.
Travel brochures – with the travel gift inside.
Shirt or other clothing item. (Place box inside buttoned shirt. Pin around it
and tie sleeves to the front. )
Tablecloth, towel, apron or other fabric gift.
Copy of game instructions – cute to wrap the game that is the gift.
Catalog page using the page of the ordered item as the wrap.

Use creative paper items:

Coloring pages with crayons or markers attached.
Map or brochures (ski resort maps, event brochures etc.).
Newspaper – black and white or comics.
Book pages.
Music pages (can color copy these) especially of Christmas carols.
Calendar pages with Dec. 25th circled or comments written in the days.
Wide paint masking paper (comes in rolls at home improvement stores for
very cheap) stamp, paint or
embellish as desired.

Use creative textures:

Burlap. (Pin wishes or greetings from multiple people all over the box).
Fabric – lots of great options here.
Batting – cute covered with paper or felt snowflakes.
Fur – pin or loosely stitch closed instead of tape.
Net – pair with creative paper for a fun look.
Wrap real soft pine branches or greenery around a box using twine or fishing

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