Orson Gygi: Kid-Friendly Cooking

Make family memories this season, in the kitchen! Heather Smith with Orson
Gygi shares the best gadgets, tools, and treat to make kids feel involved in
your holiday cooking.

Kid-Friendly Kitchen Tools & Treats:

Curious Chef Kitchen Tools Price Range from $2.99-$8.99
Aprons: $14.99
Cookie Sheet: $6.25
Robot Shaped Measuring Cups: $7.99
Russian Doll Measuring Cups: $11.99
Animal Shaped Pancake Pans:$8.99
Pancake Pen: $10.99
Snowman Soup:Mini Marshmallow & Cone Bag: $6.99/100
Hard Lollipop Molds: $6.99/10 molds, Flavorings $2.50
ABC Cookie Cutters: $9.99
Ninja bread men: $9.99
Muchstaches: $1.99
Sprinkles: $4.99

Recipe for the BEST sugar cookies and Smooth Icing:

For more cooking tools and information visit www.gygi.com.

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