Creative Holiday Garlands

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Idea Contributor, Alisa Bangerter shares creative ways to make your own unique garlands!

Garlands are a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations. They can be made out of virtually anything and the possibilities are endless. Combine several different garlands together to create even more unique combinations.


Candy is one of my favorite items to make garlands out of. Use candy that is wrapped or that can be threaded or tied together. Glue dots work well when sticking wrapped candies end to end to form a garland. Try gumdrops, wrapped peppermints, taffy, suckers, candy sticks, candy canes, wrapped butterscotch disks, licorice pieces, sweet round dry cereals, gumballs, pretzels, candy orange slices, etc.


Cookie garlands are fun! Bake gingerbread or sugar type cookies making sure to bake long enough so they are not too soft. Immediately after removing from oven use a drinking straw to cut holes in the cookie for hanging. Let cool, decorate if desired or leave plain. Thread on ribbons or garland. Another option would be to lay small cookies (or any other item or treat) onto strips of plastic wrap or cellophane and wrap around and tie in between each with a ribbon. Hang these around and let guests cut off an item. Salt dough or cinnamon potpourri dough can also be made into fun garlands, although it is not edible.

Natural Items

Natural items can be beautiful and inexpensive. Make garlands out of greenery (any type of evergreen – check out your yard…), twigs and branches, dried/fresh fruit, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, popcorn, leaves, pinecones, nuts, mistletoe, poinsettias, holly, burlap, bark, etc.


There is virtually no limit to what you can do with paper. Garlands can be made from: newspaper, old book pages, scrapbook paper, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, cellophane, cupcake liners, tags, punch-outs, die cuts, napkins, kids art work, tiny boxes, magazine pages, photographs, doilies, letters, sheet music, paper snowflakes, etc.


Ornaments can be found in many, many styles and price ranges. Thread ornaments, hang ornaments or glue ornaments to make garlands. Clear glass ornaments can be filled with items and attached to garlands. Jingle bells are great to use on garlands and come in all sizes. Sometimes just one unique whimsical ornament attached to a garland can be an instant focal point and add the perfect touch.

Household Items
Look around your home for items you could use on a garland. Items such as cookie cutters, kitchen tools, small toys, mittens, gloves, scarves, charms, buttons, cotton balls, pom poms, felt, money, beads, tiny jars, rhinestone jewelry/bling, tiny baskets, etc.


• Garlands can be made out of anything that can be strung,    threaded glued or attached some way to a long base.
• Garland base can be rope, thread, wire, string, jute, yarn, fibers,    tuelle, fabric strips, ribbon, twill tape, branches, greenery, light    strands, grapevines, etc.
• Make loops at each end of the garland for easy hanging.
• Drape garlands over curtain rods, mantles, above doors, shower    rods, bed headboards, chandeliers, along walls, etc.
• To coordinate random items on a garland spray the garland with    spray paint or glitter.
• Embellish pre-made garland by adding hanging ornaments,    ribbons, etc.
• Create garlands to depict Christmas stories, as countdown    garlands or even gift garlands.
• Use clothespins or other fun fasteners to attach items to    garlands.

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