The Frosted Gardner: Book Page Trees

Melanie Gardner blogs at The Frosted Gardner. She shows us how to create book page trees.

Supplies Needed:

• Styrofoam Cone (size based upon preference)
• Styrofoam Star
• Old Book
• Masking Paper
• Bamboo bar-b-queSkewer
• ModgePodge
• 1 ½ ‘ wide by ¼” thick pine strips (or paint stir sticks 3/16″ or thicker)
• Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks


Pick out an old book and notice the page color. If you would like more of an old vintage look then pick a book with yellowed pages versus one with clean white pages. Tear out pages of the book. We will start at the base of the cone and work our way up. Fold each page in a fan shape. It is important not to put creases in the folds.While folding the fan put the tattered and torn edges on the outside. Now fold the bottom of the fan up one time to hold it in place. Apply glue on the inside of the fold as well as the outside. Apply the fan to the bottom of the tree. Apply so each piece slants slightly downward. Continue doing this working your way up the tree. As you move your way up cut the pages so they are a bit smaller to maintain the cone shape of the tree. Once at the top apply a small piece of a page to the very top so no styrofoam is showing. After this is completed you will need to go back and fill in any empty spaces as needed.

The star is strips of masking tape modge podged to the styrofoam. To attach the star use a bamboo bar-b-que skewer. The tree stand is made by using 1 ½ ” wide by ¼” thick pine wood strips and cutting or chiseling notches so that the pieces fit together. Glue together and clamp at the notches. Allow to dry and drill a hole in the center to fit a 5/16″ or 3/8″ dowel. Sharpen the top of the dowel with a utility knife or a pencil sharpener so it can be inserted into the bottom of the styrofoam.

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