Creative Mothering: 5 Ideas to Spur your Imagination

Stephanie Peterson with The Utah Mama’s Handbook shares with us specific ideas to add creativity to your mothering expertise.

Reading – We all know that reading books to our children is important. Why not take it a step further and do some storytelling by using your children as the characters and the things they like in the story. If your child likes to draw you could even have them make their own book by drawing pictures and telling the story. Plus you’ll have a keepsake when they are grown.

A great website to help you with storytelling is

Music – Listening to music can be very beneficial and fun for kids. Try a dance off or karaoke to take it to another level. Or start your own band with all the instruments in your house. It so fun to see how your kids act when they have an instrument.

If you’re not sure where to start, try a music class at

Hobbies- It surprising to see kids at such a young age interested in something. If you can see your child has a passion for something encourage it. If your child lights up when you cook, let them join in the fun, no matter what mess it makes. Do you have a scientist on your hands? Rent some books from the library to do some science experiments.

Utah Mama’s is a great resource to help you find classes for various hobbies

Laugh – laughter is the best medicine. How many times do you go a day with out laughing? Follow your child’s lead and you’re bound to laugh… a lot! Try telling jokes, or make an obstacle course and do it.

Need some help with some joke? Check out

Gratitude and Volunteer – These two go hand in hand. A new study shows that those who are grateful for what they have are happier. At dinner go around the table and ask the kids what they are grateful for or what made them happy. Volunteering builds so much character. Walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash, visit an older person in the neighborhood who doesn’t get visitors, plant a garden and share with others.

For more information on ways to volunteer with kids go to

And most of all HAVE FUN!!

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