Cyberknife: Cancer Surgery without Surgery

Until recently this was limited to the treatment of brain tumors only. But no more. Dr. Leland Rogers with Gamma West Cancer Services joins Studio 5 for more information on this revolutionary procedure.


The CyberKnife gives cancer patients another treatment option with the world’s first dedicated radiosurgery device for the body. Using image guidance technology and computer controlled robotics, the CyberKnife system can track and destroy tumors in the body while accounting for slight variations in location due to movement.

Because of its sub-millimeter accuracy, the CyberKnife does not require invasive head frames to correct for patient movement which enables greater flexibility for treatments and maximum patient comfort.

TheCyberKnife can deliver beams of radiation to a wide range of locations in the body including those in the brain, spine, lung liver, pancreas and prostate. To date, more than 40,000 patients worldwide have been treated by the CyberKnife. Over 220 peer-reviewed papers support the CyberKnife system in clinical practice. Salt Lake CyberKnife is the first total body radiosurgery machine in the state of Utah.

What are CyberKnife Patient Benefits:

1) Completely non-invasive (no scalpels)

2) Outpatient procedure

3) Immediate return to normal activity (you get up and go home immediately following treatment)

4) No anesthesia required

5) Pain free

6) No recovery time


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