Day Dreamin’ Exotics

Ian Harding from Day Dreamin’ Exotics has the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift. Dad would never forget this experience.

Experience Utah’s ultimate exotic sports car day tour. Whether you’re an avid motor head or an average Joe who is looking for an unforgettable experience, Day Dreamin’ Exotics has what you are looking for. They provide a unique driving event with some of the most exclusive cars in the world. Participants get the opportunity to experience five exotic sports cars from behind the wheel.

Imagine driving a Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe, Aston Martin Vantage a Lotus Exige , a Porsche and a Viper all in the same day.

Tours are conducted “euro-caravan” style on open roads through some of Utah’s most breathtaking scenery. The Tour Host will lead the way in the Pace Car. We travel approximately 150 miles, with pit stops every 20-30 minutes to change vehicles and drivers. The Tour will last roughly 4 hours. There is a break halfway through for refreshments and photo opportunities. At the end of the Tour, you will receive a CD with photos of the experience, and a Day Dreamin’ Exotics gift pack.
All participants will get a chance to drive every car in the fleet!

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