Tips for Saving at the Pump

Francine Giani, Executive Director, Utah Department of Commerce explains how we can save up to 20% at the pump.

Avoid Gimmicks

Special additives, magnets and even a pill promising to improve fuel efficiency are all available (many for under $20). Consumer Reports found that these products provide negligible, if any, improvement in fuel efficiency. There is also EPA documentation disproving many specific products. Tip: Save money by avoiding gimmicks.

Minimize Idle Time

Many believe that restarting the engine is a fast way to drain the tank. But because of modern fuel-infection technology (instead of old carburetors), drivers actually save money by turning off the car instead of idling. Tip: If you’re waiting in the drive-thru line, turn the car off.

Empty the Trunk

Remove the golf clubs and other unnecessary weight from the car. The Dept. of Energy estimates that drivers can save anywhere from 3 to 6 cents a gallon just by removing excess weight.

Use Lowest Octane

Using higher octane than the manufacturer recommends offers no benefit and can only increase costs.

Use Cruise

Use cruise control on highway trips. study revealed that using cruise control at highway speeds offered an average fuel economy savings of 7%.

Drive Gently

Stay within posted speed limits; avoid unnecessary idling and learn to drive ‘gently’, avoiding jackrabbit starts and stops.

Take Care of Your Car

Get a tune up. Change your oil. Check and replace air filters. Keep tires at correct pressure. All these measures are recommended by the Federal Trade Commission and can increase gas mileage by up to 10%!

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