Decorating with Mirrors

Designer Lauren Oviatt shares ways to decorate with mirrors.

Incorporating mirrors and mirrored pieces into your existing décor is one of the most stylish and easy changes you can make in your space. However, don’t act so fast… instead of hanging a rectangular mirror in each room in your home and putting your feet up, take a moment to get creative and think of different ways to bring those reflective qualities into your own home.


Certainly there are mirrors suitable for rooms of any style, from formal to modern and everything in between including coastal and transitional. Hanging a large mirror over a buffet piece or console table makes an outstanding feature in any room. Rest the mirror on the piece of furniture or consider hanging it a bit lower to reflect the accessories or beautiful live plant you have on display. This will double the size of the display you’ve created and gives a less formal look.

Try hanging mirrors in an unexpected way by grouping small-sized mirrors. This is a dramatic and high-impact look. Creating a grid-like display works best when using smaller mirrors (as opposed to the ‘free for all’ approach). This idea works well on a large or difficult wall where one mirror simply won’t fill the space. The other benefit to this technique: you still get the reflective qualities and wall coverage without being so “look at me”!


Mirrored Furniture

The use of mirrored furniture is an enduring, classic trend. Mirrored pieces tend to recede while also creating the illusion of more space in any room by reflecting what’s nearby. In the bedroom, use a mirrored nightstand to add a touch of glamour and sparkle. In a hallway or entry, place a mirror-topped console table or mirrored chest that becomes a conversation piece. And if your family room feels heavy due to a dark entertainment center or too many other wood-stained pieces, introduce a mirrored coffee table to break things up.

You’ll love trying different accessories and lamps on your mirrored tables. Any display immediately looks more glamorous and pulled-together. A lit lamp on a mirrored piece will double the sparkle factor and add an ethereal glow.


Mirrored Accessories and Art

Beyond the obvious wall mirrors and mirrored furniture, there are hundreds of accessories, light fixtures, art and other decorative accents that can help create that reflective quality in your home.
Mercury glass is a very popular trend right now. Everything from candlesticks and kitchen canisters to decorative orbs and planters are made from mercury glass and readily available. We’re all familiar with this type of material used in ornaments and other holiday display; but why not use these beautiful things all year long? Add fresh greenery or live plants to your mercury glass display to give it a spring-time look.

Art framed with antiqued glass (called “Eglomise”) is another great approach. These pieces work well in powder rooms and other more intimate spaces where the glow of a chandelier or lit candles picks up that fabulous mirrored quality. Antiqued glass is also being used a lot more in light fixtures themselves. A silver lamp base paired with a dark silk or paper shade is a fabulous and current look, as well as chandeliers that are paneled with mirrors; they give off light even when turned off in the daytime. Keep an eye out for accessories in this type of antiqued glass – it is timelessly beautiful and creates less glare in spaces where you’re going for a softer look.



• Hang a mirror at the same height as a chandelier or pendant to reflect the light and double the impact behind it. Works best in a dining room or entryway.

• Hang a rectangular, over-scaled mirror at the end of a hallway to give visual depth and double the hallway’s length.

• Place a mirror (or mirrored accessories) in a place in your home that doesn’t get much light to immediately brighten it.

• Don’t be afraid to place mirrored accessories in front of a hung mirror or even on a mirrored table. Layer them with books, picture frames or pillar candles or a fresh plant for a variety in texture and color.

Lauren has always had a love for interior and landscape design, floral décor, and all things beautiful! Having lived in the South and also on the west coast before settling in Utah, her design instinct is to combine traditional elements and furniture with updated style and current color palettes. She is constantly looking for ways to infuse glamour into her projects while bringing a fresh perspective and an eye for tasteful, classic design. Lauren has degrees in both Public Relations and Interior Design and worked in wedding/event planning before transitioning to residential and hospitality design.

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