Decorating with Ribbon

Decorating with Ribbon

It’s a gift wrapping staple that can double as darling décor!

Brynn Larsen with Blooms and Co. shares fresh, fun ways to decorate with

Alter Piece

The backdrop for your ceremony can be one of the most important
elements of your wedding decor. There are many ways to make this
beautiful and dramatic without spending a lot of money. Here I used an
aspen tree trunk and stapled (or nailed) strands of cream colored ribbon
into the back on the trunk, spacing the ribbon evenly. I kept the color
palette neutral here but you can use any color or combination of colors. I
also used these amazing wooden flowers so that I could attach them a few
days before hand to save some time on the wedding day. It also looks
fabulous with fresh flowers attached to the main tree trunk. This can create
a great backdrop for the ceremony, pictures or to hide part of a venue that
doesn’t fit your overall wedding aesthetic. It would also make a great
impact behind a food or cake table for a shower or party.

Rose Belt

I love the texture on this rose belt. It’s the perfect way to accessorize your
bridesmaids or flower girls. All it requires is a wired ribbon and a bit of
hand stitching. Pull the wire on one side of the ribbon and gather as you
pull it. Roll the gathered ribbon to create these little roses. Hand stitch the
back to secure. Attach to a piece of felt cut or a wide ribbon in the desired
shape and size. You can attach a small piece of Velcro in the back if you’re
using felt to fast the belt around your waist. If its on a ribbon you can
simply tie it in the back.

Aspen Shepherd Hooks

I am so excited about this organic twist to traditional shepherd hooks. I
used small aspen trees and secured them into pots with Plaster of Paris.
They look great with different sizes and colors of ribbon hanging from the
top. I attached the ribbon and kept it in place by placing a nail near the top
of the branch, which can also keep other decor in place that you want to
hang from the stick. They can add a great pop of color to your party or
reception. They also provide a way to hang decor like lanterns, candles and
picture frames.

Twine and Ribbon Wrapped Vases

Everyone loves the romance and warmth candles can add to your wedding
or party. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate candles into my
design. Combining ribbon and candles is a great way to get a new fresh,
personalized look. Tall vases wrapped with ribbon or twine (or both) can be
a fabulous centerpiece alternative to flowers. Mixing textures like twine and
satin ribbon adds that extra element that makes the design rich and multi-
dimensional. Sparkle ribbon and twine are a fun combo as well. On this
grouping I wrapped each vase with varying widths of ribbon and twine,
securing with a dab of hot glue. I also added the same wooden blooms that
I used on the alter piece.

Bridesmaid Shoe Clips

Ribbon can even add to the small details of your wedding. This shoe clip is
a fabulous way to add an element of matching bridesmaid attire without
being too “match-y”. Everyone could wear their own shoes and just add
these clips. They are also great for everyday wear.

These clips were made with Dupioni silk ribbon. I took six 2″ pieces of
ribbon and stacked them on top of each other. With scissors I clipped from
each end towards the center into ¼”strips without clipping all the way to
the center. I then wrapped them tightly with thread in the center and
secured the thread with a needle. This makes a little bundle. I stacked two
bundles on top of each other in an “X” so that there would not be a break in
the design. At this point press and fan the ribbon out so that the strips are
evenly distributed into a circular design. A pretty jeweled earring with the
clip-on back removed was glued onto the ribbon. This can be attached to a
clip or to a piece of ribbon wrapped around the toe of a shoe and secured
with a needle and thread. Attach to any shoe of your choice.

Ribbon Chandelier

So elegant and so simple. These simple chandeliers can take on so many
different looks, from elegant and romantic to whimsical and playful. I was
inspired by a wire wreath frame that I had in the shop. I started hanging
different widths of ribbon from the frame until it was packed full of ribbon.
Then I gather the ribbon part way down, tied it with fishing line and pulled
it up inside to create the draping effect. I embellished with sparkly berries
and silver sparkly fern branches. To hide the metal frame I attached a satin
ribbon around the top with hot glue. Get creative and add any little extras
you would like to create your desired look. You can hang as is or hang a
light inside for a little something extra. These chandeliers are great to hang
from trees for an outdoor wedding, over food or cake tables or in your
home where you would like to add a fun detail.

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