Tomorrow’s Harvest: Water Boxes & Special Diets

Tomorrow’s Harvest: Water Boxes & Special

We know that storing some food in case of an emergency is a good idea,
many people forget one of the most important things to store. Especially if
you have freeze-dried food, water is going to be critical.

Hugh Vail, from Tomorrow’s Harvest, explains their new water boxes and
foods for specialized diets.

What’s better than 25 year shelf life food storage that only requires the
addition of water to be fully prepared? Having the water! At Tomorrow’s
Harvest we believe in complete meals. This means that we offer nutritious
entrees, desserts, fruits, vegetables, real milk, AND the water storage you’ll
need to prepare your meals.

Water storage is annoying, bulky, and requires frequent rotation. When you
purchase any size premier family pack from Tomorrow’s Harvest you’ll
receive water boxes as a free bonus. Once you assemble the box, you
simply fill up the treated Mylar bag from your kitchen faucet, place the bag
in the box, and put the box wherever you have room. Store it and ignore it.

Tomorrow’s Harvest offers a variety of food storage options that will fit any
family’s needs. We’re thrilled to be the only company that offers special
lines of food storage for people with dietary needs. We offer gluten free,
lactose free, and vegetarian packages. These meals are still nutrient packed
and delicious. We know there will come a day when food storage will be
used, so store food that you can actually eat! We have smart food, smart
water, but are you smart enough to get prepared?

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