Decorating with Vacation Memories

Designer Tausha Hoyt from Sassy Style Redesign has fun and easy ideas to incorporate vacation memories into decorations your friends and family will love.

Create vignettes with pictures and fun props.

This idea would be darling in a kid’s room-or it would be a fun summer vignette on a table or a shelf.

I just took this fun picture of my nephew. He does not love bugs-so he really went out on a limb to help his favorite aunt! I love this picture and how it shows his personality. I just framed this picture in a frame that I picked up from the DI. I then used his favorite rain boots and some bugs and bug net from the dollar store. This is defniately a twist on a “regular” vignette, but I love it! I know that he feels special when he sees this. I am also hoping it reminds him of how fabulous his Aunt is!

Transform everyday items.

We just got home from a vacation to California. My husband LOVES weird food. He also has a love for Trader Joes. Because there is not a Trader Joes here, we stocked up. One of the items that we bought was some funky, sparkling lemon aid. I loved the bottle, just didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I got it home, ran the bottle through the dishwasher and the labels came right off. I use this bottle as a vase in my home now. Every time I see it, I am reminded of our memories that we made on our trip. It makes me smile! You want your home to make you smile, so add some “everyday things” to your décor. You will smile too.

Framed souvenirs.

While we were at Sea World my kids picked their souvenir to be a character picture. The artists that do these are amazing! Every time I look at these I am amazed at how they captured my girl’s personality in a drawing. I am such a mean mom, I wouldn’t let me girls look at the drawings until they were framed and unavailable to fingerprints, tears and smudges. I headed to the DI and found some frames. I used fabric that would match their room. I love using fabric as a background when I make these large pieces. You can get so much more texture from fabric rather than just using paper. Now, you can put these up in your kid’s rooms, which they would love, but I think that it would be fun to showcase them on the family photo wall. Just mix them in with the other family pictures on the wall. It adds a fun element to a sometimes drab wall.

Make pillows out of photos.

Scan your pics from your vacation onto photo transfer paper. Then iron it on to some muslin and make a pillow. This is such a fun idea. What kid wouldn’t want to have a picture of themselves on a pillow?

This would be darling to display in a kids room. I like the reminder that it would give them that are surrounded by people that love them. I love that it would remind them of that vacation and all the memories that were associated with it.

If you don’t want to display it in your child’s room-put out on display for all to see.
I think that a fun family snap shot or a scenic picture would be darling on a bench or chair in your home.

Funky Photo Frames.

I took this picture of my girl’s feet on the beach. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it-I just loved the picture! So-I got a 8×10 frame and a larger frame. I painted them with white spray paint and then brushed on some gray paint. I then glued the frames together. I glued the 8×10 frame directly to the glass of the large frame. I did this with gorilla glue epoxy. It took me less than 10 minutes. I love the finished product! A dimensional piece of art with memories attached.

Jar full of rocks.

When on your vacation, pick up some rocks from everywhere that you go. Everywhere has rocks. Except for Disneyland, they didn’t have one rock in that whole park!
Pick up some plain rocks or funky rocks or whatever kind of rocks that you want.
When you get home, write on the rock the place that you went and the year. Display these in a cute jar. You may have seen this done with shells or sand. Well, not all vacation destinations have these things. Everywhere has rocks!

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