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Have deeper conversations with the grandkids! Here are 3 ways to connect with them

Turn surface level grandkid chats into deeper conversations.

Take advantage of the extra time you may get to spend with your grandkids this Christmas with deeper conversations.

Our leading voice in the Nanahood series, Mary Jo Bell, shares how.

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3 Ways to Have Deeper Conversations With the Grandkids

  1. Observe (notice all along, the joys and the struggles of grands)
  2. Serve (share a vulnerable story of your own, which might lead to them sharing in return)
  3. Don’t Get Unnerved (kids don’t always want to share-might need another time and space-maybe a breakfast with just one or two grands at a time.


Also, we can remember that a look can say so much.

Our deep eye contact, arch of a listening brow, the understanding nod of our heads can all say:

“I love you. I am hear for you I understand. Mortality is hard sometimes. We are hear for each other. It will be OK.”

Even when words can not articulate, our mature eternal spirits recognize effort to reach out, and this creates forever bonding, cementing our love.

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