Dessert Stand Chic: Faux Treats

Dessert Stand Chic: Faux Treats

Since dessert stands are chic again, today it’s all about what you put under them. And, yes you can bake it. We chose to fake it.

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop sees faux desserts under glass in every trendy boutique. They’re a pop of yummy décor, without the calories, or the cost, if you make your own.

Try Jenn’s best fake food recipes:

Faux Cupcakes
Plaster of Paris
Cupcake tins
Cupcake papers (heavier-weight works best)
Toothpicks (optional)
2″ Styrofoam ball (optional)
Acrylic paint in various colors
T-shirt paint for “drizzle”
Fun foam for “sprinkles”
Lightweight spackling (found at Home Improvement Stores)
Disposable Icing bag & tips
Gloss Varnish

1. Line the cupcake pan with cupcake papers.

2. Mix plaster of paris according to package instructions. Pour into cupcake liners. Fill almost to the top of the liner.

3. If you want a cupcake with a little “cake” showing, insert a toothpick into the center of the cupcake plaster.

4. Allow the plaster to set-up over night.

5. To create the look of cake, cut a styrofoam ball in half and paint the ball the color of cake you desire (i.e. brown for chocolate, golden yellow, white). Allow to dry.

6. Place the half-ball, dome side up, onto the toothpick and glue in place.

7. To make the icing, scoop lightweight spackling into a disposable bowl and add a couple of teaspoons of acrylic paint to make the desired icing color. Mix with a plastic spoon, and fill icing bag.

8. Pipe the icing directly onto the cupcake. Experiment with different tips, or simply spread the icing with a plastic knife.

9. Once dry, you can add “drizzle” using t-shirt paint or sprinkles. To make the sprinkles, use a single hole punch to punch “sprinkles” from colored fun foam. Glue the sprinkles to the icing using white glue.

10. Spray with varnish

Faux Cakes:
2-Styrofoam discs (approx 8 in)
Acrylic paints in various colors
Lightweight spackle
Disposable decorator bags and tips
Faux fruit
Gloss Varnish

1. Stack 2 discs- just like you would when making a layered cake. Glue the discs together using spackle.

2. If you want a slice removed from your cake, use a serrated knife to cut a piece from the cake and remove. Use the acrylic to paint your cake “flavor.” i.e. – brown-chocolate, golden yellow- yellow cake.

3. Frost your cake using a mixture of spackling and acrylic paint. (see icing directions for cupcakes)

4. Decorate cake with faux berries, sprinkles or drizzle

5. Spray with varnish

Faux Brownies
Styrofoam block, cut to brownie size
Hot glue
Acrylic paint in chocolate brown
T-shirt paint in white
Faux berries or sprinkles (see cupcake instructions)
Gloss varnish

1. To give your brownie the dripping icing look, cover the top of the Styrofoam block with hot glue. Allow the glue to drip down the sides of the brownie. Be careful with this step, as it is easy to burn your fingers.

2. Once the hot glue is dry, paint the brownie cake- chocolate brown. Paint the icing brown or white using a high gloss acrylic paint.

3. Decorate the top of the brownie with t-shirt paint drizzle, sprinkles or berries

4. Spray with varnish.

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop loves turning trash into treasure. She is handy with a hammer, and has a knack for saving a dime by doing it yourself! If you have questions for Jenn, e-mail her at

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