Blog Design: First Impression

Blog Design: First Impression

First impressions are everything…especially online. So how do you make the right first impression, when it comes to your blog? Your design and layout really can be the thing that determines whether people stay and read your blog or go on to someone else’s. People are much more likely to read and follow your blog if it is pleasing to the eye and well organized. It can be a challenge to make your blog your own and scream “you!” That’s where blog design comes in, to take your blog to the next level.

There are a few things to keep in mind when interior decorating your web space.

1. Style – Everyone has their own style. We have found that most designs fall into one of four style categories:

Modern: This is a clean and simple design composed of geometric patterns, clean lines, and simple frames.

Graphic: This is a clean and simple design composed of cartoon-like graphics and text.

Photo: This is a clean and simple design with a header composed primarily of photos and text. As the title suggests, photos are the focal point of this design.

Scrapbook: A scrapbook feel design composed of numerous layers and embellishments in a more whimsical feeling layout.

2. Organization – The number one problem we see with customer’s blogs is CLUTTER! You don’t want readers to be confused and overwhelmed with tons of lists and items on the front page of your blog. Declutter those sidebars! A few ways to do this are:

Navigation Bars – These can be simple text links or custom images to match your design. This is really key to a well organized blog. It helps readers “navigate” through your site smoothly.

Linkable Sidebar Buttons – Instead of listing all the information on the front of your blog you can have an image that links to a page within your blog or to another site, again, its all about reducing the clutter.

Sidebar Titles – They organize the information that is in your sidebar and breaks it up into sections to make it easy to distinguish between various elements.

3. Marketing – Bringing traffic to your blog is another very important element for a successful blog. A few suggestions for getting people to find your blog are:

Blog Button – Lets your readers spread your name throughout the blogosphere. People can put your “button” or small ad on their site. This is a simple and popular way to get your name out.

Social Media – It’s not just for individuals anymore. You can have buttons on your site linking to your twitter and Facebook page. Twitter and Facebook pages are customizable to coordinate with your blog and tie the message together.

Blog Feed – When readers follow a lot of blogs, it’s easy for them to keep up with you through an RSS feed. This sends your message to your readers. You can have people sign up to follow your blog via your RSS feed or by email updates.

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