Something New Challenge: Bold Brights

Something New Challenge: Bold Brights

In day four of the Studio 5 challenge to create something new, interior design inspiration, taken from the runway!

Tausha Hoyt of Sassy Style Redesign took the bold color palette and bright patterns of spring wardrobes, and translated the looks into a craft room makeover! She shares how she pulled it off.

When they asked me to do this segment using an inspiration picture and whatever I could come up with in my head…I was a little nervous.

Then when I saw the pictures, I was even more nervous. Nervous because I was looking at the picture and just saw the “picture.” At first glance, I didn’t really stop and look at the details. When I did stop and really look at the pictures, I saw fun, bold, bright colors. Angles and circles and lots and lots of patterns! Once I stopped looking AT the picture, and starting looking IN the picture, I was all kinds of inspired!

So, being the “sassy decorator” that I am, I immediately thought that this was the perfect inspiration for my craft room! Now, I realize that not everyone could incorporate all of these ideas into one room, but hopefully one idea will strike will your fancy.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my clothes make me happy! I love clothes! So, to set the tone for the whole room-I added BE HAPPY on the wall that you see when you walk into the space. I used random letters that I had collected. It took me 5 minutes to do this, but I think that it makes the room picture perfect. A small-ish reminder, to Be Happy.

I love adding circles to a space. I love to do this because most rooms are full of angles and lines. Adding a circle or two balances the space and adds some interest. My craft room is full of hard angles. I had some storage cubes, a square desk, a square window, you get the idea. So any circles were a welcome addition.

The balloons in the picture inspired my version of a balloon. Big brightly colored tissue paper pompoms in all kinds of patterns brought this fun element to the space. Some of these strategically placed tissue pompom’s may or may not be hiding tv and cable cords…

I also found an old school clock, hung it on the wall, and then used patterned packing tape in a fun, yellow pattern, to make the clock look like a sun. This idea was so simple& cheap and one of my favorite things in the room.

In the inspiration picture, there were also some kites. Fun,bold colors with strong lines. My take on this idea is my pennant banner. Now, most kites are a diamond shape, so I went with that. I went through my fabric stash and cut triangles in different sizes. I then stapled the “kites” to some ribbon and hung them from the ceiling. I love how these look when you walk into the room. I think that they say, “lets party!”

Because I loved all of the patterns used in the spring fashion lines, I thought that I would add my own pattern line to space. I headed to the fabric store and purchased some fun fabrics in all kinds of patterns. Stripes, polka dots, flowers etc.. They don’t match, and I am totally ok with that! I then begged my husband to cut me some tension rods to fit the squares. I then hot glued a pocket for the rod to fit in and hung my “curtains” up. Ikea shelves never looked so pretty! I found my fabric at Myheritagefabrics in North Ogden and

Last but not least-my favorite wall in the room. This is the wall that I see when I sit at my desk. I love it because it makes me happy! Now, I realize that there are no trees in any of the inspiration pics. But-my tree wall and the inspiration pics have something in common. The colors and the patterns used in both ideas, make me smile.

I used the liquid starch technique that I talked about here, but, instead of using fabric for the tree, I used kraft paper. The leaves are made from fabric adhered the same way. I then added some flowers made from embroidery hoops and round bulletin boards. I used some fabulous fabric and ribbon from

I adhered the leaves and the ribbon with liquid starch as well. The flowers are nailed to the wall, or hung using push pins. (my favorite hanging tools) I added the vinyl CREATE from

What tree is complete without a birds nest? And just because I can, cause it’s my room and all. I hung the picture that I had done of my husband and I, on the branch. (if you are wondering about this, you can read all about here.

Why? Remember the old rhyme from 3rd grade? Kal and Tausha sitting in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g! I didn’t do this on purpose. I just hung it on a random nail to get it off the floor. I loved how it looked and decided to keep it.

Happy Creating!!

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