Tech Accessories You Can’t Live Without


Update your favorite hi-tech gadgets with smart, stylish accessories. Functional, yet fashionable, the latest tech accessories make life easier and a lot more fun!

Jessica Foust, with Top TenREVIEWS, shows off smart, stylish tech accessories you can’t live without.

Gadgets continue to come out in a variety of screen sizes and form factors. Each of them is unique and has to be protected, cleaned, and spruced up to meet your style. Accessory makers have long supported iOS devices but they are proving they are ready to support the expanding tablet and smartphone markets.

Here’s a look at some of the new accessories hitting the market:

1. Speck iPhone/iPod Cases

2. Xshot iPhone 4 Case

3. Xshot Camera Extender

4. iPad 2 Smart Cover

5. Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet

6. Breffo Spiderpodium

7. DryCase – Waterproof Vacuum Seal for phones and tablets.

8. Toddy Gear: Toddy Smart Cloth

9. In-ear headphones

10. Just Mobile Gum Plus

11. Orbita Mouse

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