New Things Challenge: Granny Chic

New Things Challenge: Granny Chic

This week we have issued the Studio 5 Something New Challenge. We find some trend or inspiration piece and ask one of our creative contributors to share their take on it.

When we spotted the “Granny Chic” trend, using doilies and all things granny-esque, we wanted to see what Chikkaboom bloger Tristan Lloyd could come up with.

Oh my goodness we are SO in love with this new trend! Take some Vintage charm, throw in something unexpected, add a touch of bling and you have yourself some Granny Chic!

Found these adorable pumps at a second hand store and fell in LOVE with them! Just lay some black netting into the souls and plant some spring flowers and you have a Granny Chic showpiece for the front porch!

Doilies are SO in my friends! You can find all different shapes and sizes! We found this doily at an Antique Mall in Logan and used it to embellish a pillow. The flower is made from old sweaters we picked up and the brooch in the middle is actually an earring!

This fun table runner is made from vintage doilies pieced together and sewed STAPLED!!! I love my stapler.

Old Granny purses hung on the wall to hold keys, mail, just about everything!

Vintage silverware displayed on the front of a framed handkerchief and an old Fabulous trash can made into a lamp shade, these are a few of our favorite things!

My cute mom has been collecting vintage serving trays for years! With a little elbow grease (and a drill) we have turned this one into a Grannylicious Clock!

For more creative ideas on the Granny Chic trend, and complete instructions on how to make the doily bowl, visit

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