Diaper Delivery: Worth it or Not?

Any mom with a child in diapers knows that keeping diapers stocked is almost as big of a job as changing the dirty ones. More and more moms are now doing their diaper shopping from home.

Studio 5 Contributor Courtney Orton wasn’t one of them, but she wanted to make the change to diaper delivery so she got some help to know where to start.

Hillary Maxwell knows a thing, or three about buying diapers! “Diapers is one of those things that has become our life with triplets for sure,” she laughs. Because it’s tough to get out of the house with 8 month olds Paxton, Creighton, and Weston and her three older girls she does most of her diaper shopping from her kitchen table. Hillary says, “I can compare Costco which will ship, I can compare Amazon, Target, Diapers.com, all in fifteen minutes with just a few tabs pulled up on my computer.”

She’s not tied to buying from just one site, and she’s not even partial to one particular brand. What she’s looking for is the price per diaper – and that number changes depending on the size of diaper you’re buying. One of her favorite sites for newborn diapers is Amazon Mom.

Amazon Mom

You do have to be a Prime member to qualify, but Hillary says she uses it for other things so it’s worth it, “This is where I loved getting Pampers Swaddlers which were my favorite when they were tiny, but can be really expensive. I would subscribe and save which means I buy the diapers and I buy one or two then I subscribe and save so it will automatically send me more in three months. That would discount it even further. So there was the sale, the discount for the Amazon Mom, and then the discount for the subscribe ands ave which would get the Pampers down to 11 cents a diaper. Once my diapers shipped it’s so easy to go into your account settings, and I could cancel so it didn’t ship automatically when maybe the price wasn’t as good.”

Another one of her go to sites is Target.com.


“I really like Target’s coupons because they send them to my phone and then I can also use the Red Card which is not another credit card, it’s connected to your checking account and gives you an automatic 5 percent off at the register. It’s not points that I have to use later or keep track of, or earn enough. It’s an instantaneous five percent and the Red Card gets you free shipping too.”

She says if you wait for them, you can get great deals on Costco.com.


“I like the Costco coupons sometimes because they can get the diaper down and we have a Costco Membership anyway,” says Hillary.

And what about Diapers.com?


“I love Diapers.com because when you first buy you get thirty percent off your first purchase,” but Hillary warns, “if you’re going to do Diapers.com you almost have to be willing to be a loyal member. It’s kind of like Babies R Us where they give you gift cards to come back so if you are going to do Diapers.com and going to do it all the way then you earn points towards future purchases so you have to figure that into your savings.”

So how much should you be spending per diaper to get the best price? It can vary, but here’s a good guideline.

Price Per Diaper

Newborn: $0.13 – $0.16
Size 1: $0.11 – $0.13
Size 2: $0.14 – $0.16
Size 3: $0.15 – $0.19
Size 4: $0.19 – $0.22
Size 5: $0.22 – $0.26
Size 6: $0.26 – $0.30

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