Top 10 Things to See, Taste and Try in St. George

It’s the most popular Spring break location for Utah families – so we wanted an updated travel guide.

Studio 5 Contributor and southern Utah gal Courtney Orton dishes on the top 10 things to see, taste and try in St. George.

1. Swig
This is “THE” drink stop of sunny St. George. Swing through Swing – they have a convenient drive through service, that makes for easy ordering. I like to get a Diet Pepsi, extra ice and lime – but most of my friends love the “Dirty Dr. Pepper” (Dr. Pepper + coconut), or the Mango Mountain Dew. And “wash that down” with a sugar cookie – so delicious.

2. Orange Peel
Another favorite stop of mine is Orange Peel. This is one of the great breakfast stops the town has to offer. I love the Banana Nut Grain Breakfast Smoothie because it actually has granola in it – it kind of tastes like a chic o’ stick. If I go later in the day, I get a Honeydew Bubble Tea with Boba. Definitely one of my favorite spots – and it’s in the same spot as TJ Maxx so grab one before you go shopping!

3. Springdale Evening Drive
I love driving up to Springdale in the evening. It’s only a 20-30 minute drive. Oscars is an amazing restaurant, I recommend their steak for dinner. Pizza & Noodle is good, too. There’s also an ice cream shop on the Main Street with yummy ice cream. They offer many flavors – all of them are delicious!

4. The Royden Lemonade Supreme at Xeteva in Kayenta
The red rocks of Kayenta are “so Southern Utah.” There’s a fun Coyote Gulch Art Village and restaurant called Xetava. If you go, you have to get the Royden Lemonade Supreme. It’s all natural lemonade blended with vanilla, coconut, and fresh mint. (My mouth is watering right now!)

5. Chuckwalla Trail Head
There are so many hikes in Southern Utah, but one of my favorite hikes begins at the Chuckawala Trail Head. It’s easy to get to, and it’s not too tough. There’s also a fun place to look for an elephant arch in the rocks.

6. St. George Town Square
St. George’s town square was recently redone with a fun splash pad and a Carousel! It’s such a fun spot in downtown St. George. The Art Festival is held here too in April. Across the street, is a little store called Judd’s. It’s been there forever. My mom and her friends and even my siblings used to eat lunch there in Middle School. Now they have fun drinks, candy, and some food, too.

7. Red Hill
You can’t visit St. George without taking a drive over the red hill to overlook the city. It’s fun to explore the narrows and other areas, but my new favorite spot is the Old Water Tower. It was recently renovated with stairs (instead of the old ladder my grandmother used to climb to get to dances!) and it’s the perfect spot to watch the sun set. We actually had Thanksgiving dinner there this year – and it was really cool! You could pack a picnic or pick up a sandwich (Jimmy John’s is our favorite picnic pick!) and overlook the city. The best part – you don’t even have to step in red dirt if you’re worried about messes!

8. Golf at Red Hill Golf Course
This is a new favorite! It’s the first golf course ever in St. George. Located at the foot of Red Hill, this beautiful nine hole course captures southern Utah at its best.

9. Diamond Valley Volcano Hike
I remember doing this as a kid, and thinking how cool it was that I was climbing a real volcano. I always wondered if it was going to erupt while we were on it. Now my mother-in-law takes the grandkids and they love it!

10. Pizza Factory in Ancestor Square
Located right in the center of town, there is always a fun energy about Ancestor Square. While you’re there, be sure to pay a visit to the salad bar at Pizza Factory. It simply can’t be beat!

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