Diet Is Key For People With Diabetes


If you suffer from diabetes, you have probably been told you need to improve your diet, but you may not know what that means.

Dr. Brandon Babcock, a doctor of chiropractic, from Utah Integrated Health Center shares diet tips to help manage diabetes.

Diabetes is such an individual disease, so not every diabetic can be treated the same way- especially when it comes to a person’s diet. I can tailor a plan to fit any individual’s needs.

I use a specific diet, exercise and supplement regimen to help patients lose weight, lower blood pressure and control Type 2 diabetes.

This individual diet plan has been especially beneficial for Gayla Nelson, who in only five weeks lost 18 pounds. Gayla had been experiencing such poor circulation in her legs dark spots were forming on her legs. Now, the dark spots are fading, she has more energy and she has decreased her blood pressure. Gayla also lowered her cholesterol and A1C level using the Babcock’s individual diet plan.

The ideal candidate for this treatment is someone who is looking to make a change. If you are not sure where to turn next in your diabetes treatment, this plan could be for you.

Apart from the individualized plans, I also offer general diet tips for people living with diabetes. Don’t eat fruit with your meals or any carbohydrate to avoid digestive issues. Put away the snacks, especially fruit, after dinner to allow your body to relax and wind down naturally. It’s a good idea to start your day with eggs for breakfast as a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and have a snack two hours after breakfast and lunch.

To learn more about how an individual diet, exercise and supplement plan can help you control your diabetes contact the Utah Integrated Health Center at (801) 337-9797 or visit Studio 5 watchers who call will receive a free consultation valued at $70.00.

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