Discover Yourself and Thrive!

Don’t let limitations hold you back. Discover the life you want to live and go
after it!

Author, Vikki Carrel, has the strategy to help you make it happen.

What prevents you from thriving?

A. A lack of clarity in regard to yourself and what you want prevents
thriving conditions.

-Discover YOU by answering this important question – how do I define

-You will thrive when your self-definition and the direction your life is
moving are compatible.

PERSONAL SCENARIO: My two year old son, Corbett, calling his nanny

Lesson: The direction my life was moving as a fashion show producer was
not compatible with my (current) self definition which included being a

B. Limitations prevent forward progression and the ability to thrive.

-Personal limitations are those habits, situations, beliefs or handicaps that
prevent forward progression.

-Recognize the difference between manageable and changeable limitations.

-Manageable limitation – You do not have the ability to alter.

Handicaps: physical, emotional or mental

-Changeable limitation – You have the ability to alter.

SCENARIO: A grandmother wants to communicate with her grandchildren
(who live in another state) through emails. She is unable to do this due to her
lack of computer knowledge. To change this limitation she registers for an
Into to Computers class at the local community college.

II. Embrace Self Induced Limitations and THRIVE

-Recognize that you can change self induced limitations.

Three common self induced limitations are:

Fear of Failure

Lack of Self Control

Transfer of Blame

· Fear of Failure – afraid to try something new or to make change

SCENARIO: Your neighbor has a beautiful singing voice but she refuses to try
out for the community musical because she is convinced that she won’t
perform well at the tryout. Her fear paralyzes her and she does not try out.

Lesson – It is critical to understand that fear is an obstacle to personal
growth and progression only if we allow it to be. To move past fear of failure
we must recognize that when we try something new we risk failure.

· Lack of Self Control– absence of balance in personal choices

SCENARIO: Your co-worker notices that she has gained some unwanted
pounds and invites you to walk with her for thirty minutes during your lunch
hour. Within two weeks she finds excuses not to walk and decides that
losing weight is too difficult.

Lesson: Self discipline is the key! It is also important to believe in the goal,
have a realistic plan and stay focused.

· Transfer of Blame – not willing to take responsibility for the
consequences of personal choices.

SCENARIO: Your daughter never takes responsibility for the consequences of
her poor choices. She finds excuses for her behavior and blames others for
her mistakes.

Lesson: It is important to teach her …
If you don’t own it – you can’t change it!

III. Choose to Thrive!

THRIVE by recognizing who you are and moving your life in a direction that is
compatible with your self-definition. Do not allow limitations to hold you

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