Donut Trees

A hot food trend is hitting the party scene! Instead of traditional cakes, or
trendy cupcake displays, people are digging on donut trees; using them to
dress up dessert tables at birthday parties, baby showers, even weddings!

Studio 5 Holiday, Party and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares 5 ways
to make a donut tree centerpiece that will wow your guests and keep them
coming back for more!

Want a fun and unique way to serve donuts? Try one of these creative
displays and make a stunning statement at your next event.

Donut Tree

Cut actual tree branches for this tree. Make sure they are sturdy and can
hold the weight of tied on donuts. Place the branches in a pot and secure
with screws, rocks or Plaster of Paris. You can keep the tree natural or
varnish, glitter or paint it as desired. Hang donuts from the tree branches
using bakers twine, string, ribbon, etc. Tiny donuts look cute on trees.

Tree Stand

Make your own donut tree holder by purchasing a wood spindle type table
leg or bannister rail. Drill holes randomly around the sides alternating as you
go up. Make dowels smaller in length as you get to top and top the rail with
a decorative finial of some sort. Paint or leave natural. Glue dowels in holes
and thread donuts onto the dowels to serve.

Vertical Stands

There are several variations on making a vertical donut stand. One idea is to
cut a 2″ x 6″ board the length desired, such as 6 or 8 feet to go down the
center of a table. Drill holes randomly down the top of the board and insert
dowels in the holes varying the heights. Thread doughnuts on the dowels to
serve. A great statement piece at a party people will love and great for
serving many people! Paint the wood to match the party or holiday. You can
also make individual holders by placing a single dowel in the center of a
piece of base which would work great on a buffet table placed periodically
around. Another option would be to cut a larger round or square base and
angle the dowels (instead of straight up vertical) to fit in the base. Place the
base in a container, on a pedestal plate etc. to make the doughnuts “burst”
out from the center.

Cone Tree

Purchase a Styrofoam cone the size desired and cover with plastic (such as a
plastic tablecloth to match colors, etc.) or paint the cone with melted
chocolate or candy melts and let set. Use toothpicks to secure donuts onto
the tree starting placement on the bottom and slightly overlapping as you
move upward. Donut holes also look great covering a cone. These make nice

Donut Tower Tree

This is an easy way to serve donuts. Start with a pedestal or pretty cake
plate. Start by placing doughnuts in a circle, using less and less and layering
as you build upward to form a tree shape. Place some fondant, pre-made
royal icing or paper flowers cascading down the tower to coordinate with
your event if desired.

Suspended Donuts

Hang a cookie cooling rack or other wire type rack or even a wood ladder or
old window frame above a table. (Many unique items can be used if it can be
suspended and has a way to hang from.) Paint the rack if desired. Hang
donuts form the rack using ribbon or bakers twine. Have scissors available
for guests to cut off the donuts. Hang the donuts at different levels for the
best effect.


· Donuts that are firmer in consistency work best with these trees,
especially if you will be stacking them. Also avoid using sticky donuts.

· Mug trees (used for hanging mugs) can be used as small trees for serving

· A great appliance for making mini donuts is the Babycakes Donut Maker
by Select Brands, Inc. available at many stores and online. It makes great
sized donuts perfect for hanging.

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