The Hunger Games Movie Party

If you’ve read the book Hunger Games, you are no doubt counting down the
days till the movie comes out! The movie opens in just over 2 weeks – but
today we’re pumping you up with some hunger games party inspiration.
Studio 5 Contributor Teri Harman is here with all the details for a Hunger
Games pre-movie party.

The Hunger Games Movie

The long anticipated Hunger Games movie, based on the best-selling trilogy
by Suzanne Collins, comes out on March 23, 2012. Plan on seeing the show?
Here are some fabulous ideas for a pre-movie party perfect for a book club,
group of teenage girls or a group of adult girlfriends.

Girl on Fire Party

Katniss, the main character, is known as the girl on fire. I loved The Hunger
Games because of her. She is strong, determined, capable, fiery and totally
kick-butt. The theme of this party is based on her and her coolness.
Everything centers on the fire concept. And, of course, all the details are
pulled from the book.


Here’s what my invite looks like. I created it in Word and then made a card-
like invite from black cardstock. The mockingjay image is easily found on-


The color scheme is based on fire and Katniss’ costumes in the book: red,
orange, yellow and black.

The parachute balloons are based on the life-saving silver parachutes sent to
tributes in the arena.They are easy to make. I took silver helium-filled
balloons, replaced the ribbon with some kitchen twine and tied thatto the top
of the “pay load” or white paper bag. Allow these to float all over the room or
you could fill the bags with prizes and use in a game.

The food and gifts bags are also part of the décor.


Crostini -with goat cheese and basil pesto. On the day of the ReapingKatniss’
little sister gives her goat cheese wrapped in basil as a good luck gift.

Slice a baguette on an angle and toast. Then spread with goat cheese or light
cream cheese and top with a dollop of pesto, homemade or store-bought.

Basil Pesto Recipe:

¼ cup almonds or pine nuts

2 cups packed basil leaves

2 cloves garlic

¼ – ½ cup extra virgin olive oil

Kosher salt, to taste

½ – 1 cup good quality parmesan cheese, shredded

Combine nuts, basil and garlic in food processor until well combined. Then
drizzle in oil while processor is on until desired consistency. Stir in salt and

Berry Salad – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries in
a bowl. Katniss and Gale collect wild strawberries in the woods and berries
play a vital role in the ending of the Games.

Girl on Fire Cupcakes– since you can’t have a party without dessert
I went to an expert who created these incredible cupcakes for me. I kept the
other food pretty simple so these could shine.Created byElly Carter of Elly’s
Cakes. See her amazing work at http://ellysdeliciouscakes.

She is happy to recreate these cupcakes for your party.

Beverages – I went with the color scheme on this one. Serve three
different drinks in tall, clear glasses with straws (I used black and white paper
straws.PartyLand, 144 for about $10). One red drink(cranberry juice,
Hawaiian Punch, soda), one orange (orange juice, V8 Splash, soda), and one
yellow (lemonade, pineapple juice, soda). Flavored drink mixes and club soda
is another option. Any drink works as long as it fits the color scheme.


Draw Your Arrow – Katniss is a skilled archer. This Hunger Games version of
a get-to-know-you game is loads of fun. Find a bunch of arrows, either
borrow from a hunter friend or find cheap ones at outdoor stores, and attach
a question to each one. The questions can be anything you want, but sticking
to the fire and survival theme is a great idea. Or use book trivia questions.
Then each guest picks an arrow and must answer the question.

Sample questions:

You are walking in the woods and come across a cabin engulfed in flames.
You immediately:

a. Run madly into the flames to check for survivors.

b. Whip out your cell phone, dial 911 and then wait for help to arrive.

c. Pull out a bag of marshmallows and roast up a few.

You are called as a Tribute for The Hunger Games. You:

a. Run away into the woods with Gale and live off the land, happily ever

b. Are so nervous you are killed by a Career as soon as they drop you in
the arena.

c. Pull a Katniss and turn into a totally cool survival chick, who wins it all.

Capitol Makeovers

If you are doing this party with teen girls or your friends, a great activity is to
get all glammed up, Capitol-style before the movie. Have the girls do each
other’s hair, nails and make-up or bring in a stylist. Braids like Katniss wears,
flame fingernails, bright colored eye shadow, hair flair, etc.

Movie Survival Bags

These fun take-with-you bags will have your guests walking into the epic
movie totally prepared to enjoy it.

The bags have to be orange – just like the pack Katniss has in the Games (got
mine at Hobby Lobby, $0.99 each). Fill with the following or anything else
you’d like:

– Small water bottle (a must for survival and a long movie)

– Mockingjay pin (show your support for District 12)

– A red, yellow or orange bottle of nail polish (Katniss goes into the arena
with flames painted on her nails and, of course, what power-girl goes
anywhere without her nails done.)

– Mix of red, yellow and orange candies (can’t see a movie without
munchies). I used colored M&M’s, also from PartyLand and put them in a
recycled baby food jar with the lid painted black.

How to Make the Pins – I ordered a set of make-your-own button
pins from
Amazon, 12 for about $6.I then printed off the fire/mockingjay pic I made in
Word, cut out and put together. Cheap and easy.

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