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Display your Christmas collections! 6 solutions for making them part of your décor

Make your favorite Christmas collections fit within your décor!

As we approach the holidays, curating a cohesive Christmas home can be overwhelming. The solution is Christmas collections! They not only enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, but also serve as a narrative for your family’s unique story.

Designer Emily England shares how to display Christmas collections in your home.

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How to Display 6 Common Christmas Collections

1. Ornaments

Emily likes the personalized approach to ornaments. Rather than going generic, she suggests choosing ornaments that hold sentimental value, narrating the story of your family’s journey. Drawing from her own collection, Emily emphasizes that each piece serves as a miniature time capsule, capturing memories and milestones.

2. Nutcrackers

Nutcrackers are on of Emily’s favorite festive pieces. Her mother collected Steinbach nutcrackers, so there is some nostalgia associated with these classic figurines. Whether sticking with Steinbach tradition or experimenting with diverse sizes and colors, incorporating nutcrackers into your décor brings in an element of height and tradition.

3. Pyramids

Pyramids are an often-overlooked festive piece. Originating from Germany, these hand-painted contraptions, with their moving parts, add a magical dimension to Christmas décor.

4. Nativities

In Christian households, Emily recommends diversifying nativity collections by sourcing pieces from various cultures. Distribute these nativities throughout your home for a global Christmas ambiance.

5. Dinnerware

Emily likes the idea of investing in sophisticated collections, such as the Spode Christmas Tree. Acquiring a new piece each year, as Emily has done, elevates ordinary gatherings. The integration of festive dinnerware adds a fun layer to your holiday parties.

6. Old Santa Photos

Frame old Santa photos and add some mirrors for a visually captivating wall of memories. This unique display keeps memories close and makes for a pretty display!

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