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A pretty bowl is the vessel for these holiday centerpieces! 3 that are simple to put together

Make three different holiday centerpieces with a bowl as the base!

If you’re wanting to spruce up your holiday decorations, look no further than the kitchen! There’s one dish in your drawers that can easily be turned to décor. Create a Christmas display in a bowl! A festive centerpiece pulls it all together. They seem so easy to craft up, and we wanted to know how to do it right.

Decorator and do-it-yourselfer Michelle Bauer shares three inspirations for a low-bowl centerpiece. She teaches how to layer each one, and make them look full and eye-catching wherever you put it in your home.

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3 Bowl-Centered Holiday Centerpieces

The Ornament-Filled Centerpiece

The easiest holiday table décor using ornaments & greenery.

1- Find a bowl or tray.
2- Layer greenery on the bottom of the bowl & fluff. (You can use faux stems or cut branches from trees outdoors)
3- I found these realistic faux stems from Taiwan Imports in Murray. They were $3.80 each.
4- Stack ornaments of different sizes & textures.
5- This is perfect for any room. You can make it as small or as big as you want based on the bowl that you use.

The Elevated Centerpiece

Perfect for your kitchen table or anywhere you would like a little more height.

1- Find a riser or cake stand. The riser I am using is from Grove Collective in Draper.
2- Layer a wreath on top of the riser. The wreath is handy dandy because you don’t have to worry about arranging stems. Just plop the wreath on the riser & fluff it up. Wreath is from Grove Collective.
3- Try to select a wreath that is full & has greenery that tends to flow downward. This helps to cover the riser.
4- Add mini trees to the center of the wreath.
5- I’ll also show how a large candle could be used and placed in the center too.
6- Add berries, stars or other stems to the wreath for color & style.

The Scented Centerpiece

A lighted & scented centerpiece with a variety of greens.

1- Find a bowl that is has more depth. Mine is from Ross.
2- Add battery operated lights to the bottom of the bowl.
3- Sprinkle potpourri for a yummy holiday scent. Mine is from Claire Burke home.
4- Layer different types of greens.
5- Add bells, ornaments, pinecones and ribbon

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