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The Christmas Mantlescape: 5 ideas for a creative and pretty holiday design

Turn your plain mantle into a Christmas mantlescape!

Transform your mantle into a festive mantlescape! This year, the mantlescape trend is taking center stage, providing a contained canvas for holiday décor.

Designer Lauren Oviatt shares the secrets to this holiday décor trend, offering inspiration to make your mantle the focal point of holiday magic.

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5 Ideas for a Christmas Mantlescape

Lauren highlights the popularity of the Christmas mantlescape in recent years. The trend has gained momentum, and this year, it’s reaching new heights. Mantlescapes offer a few feet of runway to play with, making it an accessible and enjoyable design opportunity.

Candlesticks and Candles

One of the key elements Lauren emphasizes is the prominence of candlesticks and candles in this year’s mantlescapes. Real lit candles, as well as LED flickers, are in the spotlight, so choose what suits your preferences! Lauren recommends playing with various sizes and arrangements of pillar candles and candlesticks to create an ambient glow.

When incorporating candlesticks into your mantlescape, Lauren suggests pairing them in twos or threes, keeping to the design principle of starting with pairs and then building up. The key is to balance the warmth of the candles with the simplicity of greens, garlands, or picks to avoid overwhelming the space.

Asymmetrical Swag

The asymmetrical swag is an artsy yet approachable addition to your holiday décor. Lauren says that, despite its initial intimidation, creating an asymmetrical swag pretty simple. Whether your mantle is narrow or deep, the asymmetry allows for creative freedom. It’s about letting go of rigid structures and embracing the unpredictable.

To achieve the perfect asymmetrical swag, Lauren recommends using 3M hooks and cord keepers for a secure attachment. She advises starting with a full base, securing the garland first, and then adding picks, berries, and greens to fill it out. While the look may lean toward casual, it doesn’t necessarily translate to a modern aesthetic. Instead, it brings a touch of ease to holiday décor.

Citrus Explosion

If you’re looking for a departure from traditional red and gold themes, Lauren introduces the citrus explosion trend. Incorporating vibrant citrus elements—whether faux, fresh, or dried—brings a refreshing and boho twist to the mantlescape. It’s an opportunity to infuse lively colors and a hint of the unconventional into your holiday décor.

Whether you opt for faux or fresh citrus or go for the boho charm of dried citrus slices, this trend adds an element of creativity. It’s a nod to the past with a contemporary twist, giving you the freedom to create a mantlescape that resonates with your unique style.

Natural Elements and Novelty Garlands

Lauren shares how to use natural elements in your mantlescapes. Fresh greens can be super cost effective, especially if you’re experimenting with the trend for the first time. Fresh greens can also revive tired old garlands and breathe new life into your holiday décor.

Adding novelty garlands, like gold bells, wooden bead garlands, or strung ornaments, brings texture and personality to your mantlescape. The key is to inject your personality into the design, whether you lean towards modern, traditional, or whimsical themes.

More is More at Christmas

Lauren debunks the idea that there’s a limit to the number of colors you can incorporate into your mantlescape. She suggests mirroring the color scheme of your Christmas tree and starting with anchor colors. The rule of threes can guide you when adding complementary colors, allowing you to strike a balance between vibrancy and cohesion.

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