DIY Dance Photos

Studio 5 Contributor and Photographer Laci Davis explains how.

Find a Location that Fits the Group

The location sets the mood for your photos. Find something that fits the Groups style well. If they are fun with bold dresses and personality go to a bold background. If they are wearing softer colors go to a great field or orchard. A High School is also a great place. It’s meaningful to the group and has great levels. Use the bleachers, field, benches and any fun colors or brick walls you see.


Using props is a great way to make the kids feel comfortable right off the bat. It breaks any tension and lets them be their fun goofy selves. I like to bring thins such as an empty frame that you can find at a thrift store, or poster board is also a great option. You can add the name of the dance and year that they are going, or any other fun words. Any props that make for a fun happy environment will add great personality to all your photos.

Go for Details

Don’t forget those detail shots. Get up close! Details are great to remember all the things you worked so hard on. It adds more to memory to your photos. So go zoom in and photo those shoes, hair pieces, flowers, makeup and any other detail you worked hard on.

Engagement Photos Act as Inspiration

It can be hard to think of great posing. Go look at some engagement photos you have loved, and pay attention to what you love about them. Is it how they are standing, the levels they are on, the way their head is turned just right? Although these kids are not about to get married; now days, with such urban photography you have many more unique options.

Play with your Focus

Changing your focus will add such great interest to a photo. You need to make sure you have created depth of field, and then just put your red focus dot on one person or object.

Laci Davis is a local photographer who loves capturing you, being you! To view more of her work, or to schedule an appointment, visit You can e-mail Laci at

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