DIY Easter Candy


Skip store bought candy this Easter. Form your own fondant eggs and roll them in pretty, pastel colored sugar. Give this easy, DIY Easter candy a try!

Becky Low, with Dairy Farmers of Utah, says this homemade Easter candy is kid-friendly, too!

Move over store bought candies – now we have make-it-yourself Easter Pastels. Today’s recipe is an Easter version of Irish Potato Candy – which is not from Ireland and does not contain potatoes. For over a 100 years Irish Potato Candy, a Philadelphia confection, has been made for St. Patrick’s Day. Oh Ryan’s, a Pennsylvania based company, makes over 88,000 pounds of this simple confection which is rolled in cinnamon to make it look like potatoes (thus the name). Now this simple candy becomes a simple Easter Candy you will enjoy making with you children – in pastels for Easter!

First – start with a base even the kids will enjoy making – it’s like playing with playdoh.

– The base is a simple uncooked fondant (powdered sugar, cream cheese and butter)

– To the base add coconut for body, flavor and texture. If you like, partially chop the shredded coconut in a food processor for a finer texture (caution, don’t overdo the processing)

– The mixture is stiff so get in there and use your (clean) hands to mix it up – or use the cookie dough attachment on a stand mixer

– Roll the base into Robin egg size balls. I find it easier to portion out and roll all the candy before dipping in sugar (less messy hands).

Second – mix up your flavors. There are a plethora of flavoring extracts on the market, be adventurous

– (Note: It is easier to add the flavor at the same time you add the powdered sugar in the recipe)

– Use your imagination for this step. I like almond and coconut combination

– Try lemon extract with a little lemon zest – or orange extract with orange zest

– Other great flavors include raspberries, cherry, pineapple, etc (you could even use plain old vanilla)

Third – Easter needs color – lots of pastel colors

– If you prefer you may purchase colored sugar from store, but be aware the cost is higher than making it at home.

– Mix your own colored sugar, it’s cheaper and a very easy route. All you need is a little sugar and add food color a drop or two at a time and mix well. I like paste food colors over water based food colors but either works fine.

– Start with the primary colors Red Yellow and Blue. From this you can make a variety of colors like purple, green, orange – and every hue you like.

Here a way to make this candy healthier.

For many recipes we can substitute low-fat or non-fat dairy ingredients – same nutrients, less fat, great same cooking qualities. But for this recipe it works best with the regular cream cheese. For health, enjoy nutrient rich low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese and treat candy as candy. Candy is a treat and not as a mainstay of our diet. A serving size for this recipe is 1-2 candies.

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