Dr. Babcock: Nutrition And Diabetes

Dr. Brandon Babcock explains the role of nutrition in the treatment of diabetes.

At the Functional Endocrinology Institute of Utah we have determined which nutritional supplements actually target the breakdown in specific organs. So once we find out where the breakdown is occurring in each patient, then we can treat them with the right supplement to actually reverse the diabetic process in the body.

How is this different from just going to a GNC and buying a supplement that states it helps with diabetes?

Supplements you buy from the store are used to treat symptoms, not the disease. For example, you can use cinnamon or chromium to lower blood sugar. What I do is find the reason why the organs that support blood sugar are failing and address why they are not functioning anymore. There may be five to 10 reasons why this is happening in each individual case. The difference is that you may always need the cinnamon or chromium, but once the organ is repaired then it will stay functioning for a lifetime on the proper diet.

I’ll give you an example. Last time I told you about a man who went off 40 units of insulin in just the first week of treatment. Well the story gets better because after cleansing his liver in just two additional weeks, he went off 100 units of insulin. The story doesn’t end there – his blood sugars went from 300 down to the low 100s. Every patient is different though. When I took him off the liver cleanse, the numbers started to go up. That tells me that his liver needed more cleaning than the average person.

All diabetics are not the same. That is why we have to customize the treatment depending upon where the breakdowns are. In fact, I don’t believe that there are two diabetics alike, even though most of them are being treated for the disease with the same medications and diet programs.

The first time I meet a diabetic, all he or she can say is that the disease is chronic and it only gets worse over time. You need more medication, you’re more tired, you can’t sleep, you can’t get the weight off, and you don’t feel good. That’s very frustrating! Then, you go to the doctor and he says this is the only way to treat diabetes, so you kind of lose hope. But with our treatment, we can actually uncover the causes of their specific diabetes, and hope is restored.

We’re looking for patients who are tired of their treatment, who are tired of the same old, “This is genetic. You can’t get any better. We’re sorry. We need to raise your insulin today.” We’re looking for people who want to make a change. When they want to make a change and they have that hope, they have that desire, they have that feeling inside that there is something else out there. We’re ready and willing to give that to them.

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